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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up: Where Else?

It was another three-ringed circus this wonderful weekend in Macon. On Saturday afternoon, Mom went to the Pan African Festival where she managed a snow cone and caught Mark Brooker's last public performance with the Soul Proprietors (sadly, he's moving to AZ). Later that evening, it was dinner at Luigi's with family and friends before a quick change into a vintage 1930's before heading to the Party of the Year with Honey Shot.

The Historic Macon fundraiser set up a speak-easy in the old Karsten-Denson space with low lights, black ties and the live music of St. Francis piping out the plate glass windows. Never in a million years did Mom think she'd find herself all fancy in the same place that always smelled of fertilizer and where she saved pennies to buy biddies to live at her father's former Round Oak cabin.
As the Party of the Year wound down, Mom, Honey Shot and Lil' Miss Bibb hiked up their dresses to walk a couple of blocks to the Hummingbird for Bring Your Blankets. She got more than her five canned goods worth, catching roaring performances of City Council, Roly-Bots and Floco Torres and Al K!ng at the end of the night.

Sunday was meant to be a little lazier. Mom took me with her to a noonish picnic brunch on Coleman Hill with two of her fellow Monthlies. She followed it with a ride through the country to the aforementioned cabin (just to re-visit from the outside) with Shuga D and the windows down. The day ended with a homemade spaghetti supper with quite the cast and crew, currently filming in Macon and coming soon to an indie film festival near you. Only in Macon, is what Mom says. How can you not love this town?

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