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Monday, April 13, 2009

Annie Get Your Microderm . . . And You Can Get Yours

When Mom found out the Fountain of Youth does exist, her Rosacea-proned skin tickled pink. But not for long. That’s because Mom has begun a series of microdermabrasion sessions with Anne Bragg at the Vineville Salon. In addition to evening her skin tone, she’s hoping to rid a glowering sun spot, shrink her pesky pores and smooth out a few fine lines that she finds a little premature.

Anne doesn’t just own one of the few medical microderm machines around, she is a firm-faced believer in it. She isn't the only one. Oprah’s doc, Dr. Oz, has been singing its praises. And Cindy Crawford recently told the ladies of “The View” that microderm is what she invests in for keeping her multi-million dollar face out of line(s).

There’s a lot of science behind microderming, and considering Anne has been offering the process since 2001, she is far better to explain it. With over 800 treatments under her Italian leather belt, she is the one Mom chose to trust to whip her face into shape. And speaking of face, Anne’s speaks for itself. I’m not telling any lady’s age online, but Anne Bragg has the right to brag about hers anytime, thanks to her own microdermabrasion handywork.

Medical it may look amongst the spa comforts of Vineville Salon, but when Mom met the microderm, she was eager and at ease to begin the facial rewind. One down; two more to go. So, the question everyone has asked – does it hurt? Mom compared it to the extended version of a brow waxing. Not the most pleasant but definitely tolerable. With Anne’s veteran experience, the uncomfortable suck-and-sandblasting feeling lasts 10 minutes max (as compared to the early days of 30-flat). And what about sensitive skin? Well, Mom says what about it? Considering she keeps Dove Sensitive Skin Soap bars in business, her never-to-tan fair skin freaks out easier than a man-handled gardenia. She was more than surprised to find the aftermath of the microderm minimal at best. The redness subsided quick enough for Mom to get groceries after leaving the salon and not feel like a freakshow. Lately, she’s been told she has a special glow. No uterus, just epidermis . . . smooth as a baby’s butt.

As Mom goes through the transformation, which I’ll be chronicling here, you can also see and feel for yourself. Send me a Candygram (, and I’ll send you a coupon for a free microdermabrasion spot treatment, which can also be used for $25 discount on your first treatment (regularly $80) or 15% off your series of three (reg. $175). Just put “Spot” in the subject line. And soon, you’ll see Spot gone.


  1. Has your skin started peeling yet?
    Just wait.

  2. Yes, the peeling started yesterday and increased today, but nothing a little lotion can't fix. Lord knows, I've been burned enough to know.

  3. I find scrubbing with sugar helps too.
    Now that's sugar, not *Shuga*.