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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah, Hey, Hey, Hey, Good-Bye!

The lowest time of my life was behind bars at the City of Macon Animal Shelter. Because my original owners never spayed me, I got knocked-up after my first heat, not even a full year old. I was turned in because I was pregnant, and I shudder to think of the thousands of dogs before and after me who were surrendered for the same reason and never made it out alive.

My short time at the shelter was enough to let me know something unnatural was happening to the abandoned pets there. Mom has shed tears as City Council members Rabbi Larry Schlesinger recalled his witnessing of the gassing of several dogs, and the haunting sounds they made as they painfully died in the chamber.

Thanks to the perseverance and leadership of City Council members Schlesinger and Nancy White, as well as the dedicated animal advocates in Central Georgia (shout out to Donna Conaway who helped me find my forever home) who spearheaded the Central Georgia C.A.R.E.S. fundraising efforts (, the City of Macon Animal Shelter has officially switched to the more humane lethal injection for euthanizing the thousands of unwanted animals in our city.

That does not mean that Macon is not without a major problem. We’ve got to change our “all creatures great and small” culture. Our shelter is still going to euthanize eight to 12 potential pets a day.

We must spay and neuter our pets – pets like me who are proud to be fellow fixed bitches. For all you boys out there, nuts get you nowhere . . . but in trouble. Life is easier on male dogs without them. They can actually use their brain to think.

That also means that with our exploded animal population, there are thousands and thousands of unwanted pets out there. Don’t shop when you can adopt. Look at me – I’m a designer mutt that a breeder would put a $300-plus price tag on any day. Mom paid a nominal adoption fee from Heart of Georgia Humane Society and brought me home already spayed and with shots. Modesty aside, I am darn near perfect.

If you can’t tell, Mom and I have our heart and soul on our sleeves with this. Before I came into her life, Mom, Texas T, Bright Blue and Honey Shot produced a PSA on pet adoption that aired on our local stations. Here you’ll see my sister mutt Miss Kitty and cousin Ollie, both adopted locally. Howl it from the rooftops: Adopt. Spay and neuter. Support.

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