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Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Friday Time, Egg-cellent!

There is nothing better than a First Friday in spring in downtown Macon. You want to see our city alive and well, saddle up to the sidewalks along the main vein of Cherry and you are bound to see a community in action. It doesn’t matter if you are pushing a baby buggy or toting an official First Friday-sanction open container, this is a night for everyone. And if you’ve never been part of the fun, well, then as Shuga D would say, you are part of the problem. And you don’t deserve an Easter egg.

This First Friday, Mom is daring to wear comfortable shoes to work. Because right when the clock strikes 5p.m., she is pounding the downtown pavement, vintage Easter basket in hand, and turning into one bar-restaurant-business-hoppin’ bunny .

NewTown Macon ( is hosting the first ever “Adults Only Easter Egg Hunt.” Prize-filled plastic eggs will be scattered and smothered in downtown businesses. It’s up to the egg-hunting First Friday revelers to find them. The goodies will range from small cash prizes to downtown business gift certificates to claim checks for NewTown’s privately labeled wine. The event is free for participants.

Just watch out for Mom. She tends to swing elbows when the prize egg is in site.

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