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Friday, April 24, 2009

Simply the Best

Congratulations to Imedia Group, home of Mom’s FTJ (Full-time Job) on being named among the recipients of Central Georgia’s “#1 Best in Business Award.” To celebrate the corporate-clinching, I’m giving away Consumer Savings Cards in association with the awards that offer all types of discounts, including free food (pizzas, chips, cookies, appetizers) and discount services, including car washing, dry cleaning, chiropractic consultating, hair cutting . . . you know, the basics to the corporate persona. My tail is wagging over Welch’s Country Smokehouse (across from Brass Pro Shop) where you can buy three Jerkeys, get one free. Just send me a Candygram to get your savings card!

And in honor of the achievement, enjoy one of Mom and her horse Miss ProBo’s favorite music videos.

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