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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wanted: A Few Good Men

Calling on the lionhearted - Candy Lou wants you. Mom got an update from June O’Neal today that there are currently 48 unmatched male protégés on the Mentors Project of Bibb County waiting list.

Mom, who’s been a mentor for almost three years, says if you want something done, ask a busy person. So I am seeking the busy people, especially men, to set aside four hours a month to try to change a teen’s life forever. That’s right, only four hours a month. It’s as easy as a lunch break in the school cafeteria; attending an event hosted by the Mentors Project; homework after school; a drink at the local coffee shop; a ballgame; a walk on the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. It’s investing a little time for a growing mind in a mean old world.

You’ve got a lot to give, but the most valuable is your time. You know the Supertramp song . . . give a little bit. Call the Mentors Project of Bibb County to find out more: 478.765.8624.

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