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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rock Candy Tours Coming Soon!

Life definitely has not slowed down for us since saying I do! Jamie and I are the proud new owners of Rock Candy Tours, LLC, our tour company that is currently offering Macon, Georgia's only music history walking tour. With the recent closing of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, we've begun our business earlier than expected and have gone from husband and wife to business partners faster than we ever imagined!

We're currently offering the "Rock n' Soul Stroll" through parts of downtown Macon. The two-hour tour takes you to places where it literally all began - the Allman Brothers' first crash pad, the international headquarters of the original concert t-shirts and the offices of Otis Redding, Capricorn Records, Paragon Booking Agency and Hustlers, Inc, where contracts and deals for some of American music's greatest artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Percy Sledge, Redding and more were conducted. We walk by the place "Please, Please, Please" was originally recorded by James Brown. We tell stories that liner notes don't cover, and we cover legends' roots in Macon and the legendary tales that came with them.

While the walking tour is off and -- well, walking -- we will soon introduce our trolley tour that will roll through all of downtown Macon's storied music past. We hope to have information on the trolley tour schedule soon as well as a stand-alone website on our entire operation.

Until then, walking tours take place in the summer evenings, by appointment. Tours are $60 for up to six people; $10 per person after that (so, if it's just the two of you, it's $30 per person; if you have a group of six, it's only $10 per person). We work with your schedule and can book tours during the week or weekend.

To schedule a walk on the Rock n' Soul Stroll, e-mail Jamie and I at


Jessica Walden & Jamie Weatherford
Friends, Lovers and Business Partners

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Month Ago

It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated. We danced. We ate, drank and got married. One month has flown by, and we're still over the moon. This is the first of several wedding day photos by the amazing Maryann Bates, which we're so excited to share. This one was taken in the backyard of our home, before the wedding . . . yes, we snuck in a couple of kisses before the altar.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day from the J-Dubs

In honor of family, friends and fallen heroes, here's a good one from one of our favorites we've been lucky to catch live.

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Scenes from the Celebration

Here are a few more from Leah of Jubee & the Morning After rocking the night away at the rehearsal party. Also included is the scene from the legendary Grant's Lounge stage when Jessica's dad spoke about family history - then, now and forever.

This Thank You Sponsored by Jubee & the Morning After

Jessica's column was published in the Telegraph today, which she dedicated to thanking the best darn rap, rock and soul band to have come our way - and hopefully sky rocket further.

To read the article, click HERE.

We were grateful to have our friend / photo extraordinaire Leah Yetter back in Macon from the wild lands of Wyoming for the celebration (check out her amazing blog Uprooted Magnolia). And even though she's got a way with the great outdoors lately, that's her amazing shot of Macon's own wildlife, Jubee and the Morning After, killing it on the Grant's Lounge stage at our rehearsal party.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Magical Walk

Another shot our friend Russ sent to us. This is an artistic take on Jessica's walk down the Cox Capitol Theatre aisle to the peak of "Try a Little Tenderness" as sung by Otis Redding. The only way to describe that very moment is by this photo - it was an out-of-body experience for sure!

When a Man Loves a Woman

And a woman loves a man . . . they dance like nobody is watching and soak in with awe just how sacred those vows just given will be for the rest of our lives. Thanks to friend and photographer Russ Loyd for capturing this tender moment, which took place immediately after we were pronounced husband and wife. Thanks to T-Bird and the Breaks for learning "When a Man Loves a Woman" and doing an amazing version with all the right soul. This song was Jessica's family's first number one single back in the day when Percy Sledge made his rhythm and blues debut. It's swooned the hearts of everyone, all over the world, ever since. It's now another first in our family history - the first dance to the rest of our lives.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Long List of Thank You's

We're going to be writing well-crafted handwritten notes well into our first anniversary! So since it may take some time to get to the bottom of the pile, know that we remain extremely humbled and completely bulldozered (like in a Love Tractor-kind-of-way!) for the generosity and kindness shown to us. The bride is having fun opening the presents; the groom is planning to build the first ever fort crafted from Tiffany boxes. Until then, we've still got some posts coming your way, in between writing thank you notes, of course.

Love and gratitude,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just a Few of our Favorite Things

Check them all out at our friend Dylan York's Facebook page "Trashed and 'Stached."

About Last Night

Words really can't describe. Gratitude only begins it. Our cup runneth over is an under-statement. Epic was used a lot. So we'll start by saying thank you, from the deepest depths of our hearts. You didn't have to love us like you did, but you did, but you did. And I (we) thank you.

Our friends, family and city are the absolute best of the best.

Rock on. Forever.


(photo by John Griffin)

The Video

The video that played before the vows is here!! We can't thank enough our friend, who is no stranger to this blog, the wonderful "Bright Blue" Stephanie Shadden. She put together our montage in less than 48 hours after returning from a cross-country road trip. For those who were at the wedding, you saw this on the big screen before we made it official. Thanks for loving it as much as we did . . . and laughing and clapping along the way.

Hold on,


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today is the Day

Thank you to Brad Evans for sharing this passage, taken from Harry Crews' autobiography A Childhood:

The most intense love affair I've ever known was between two mules we owned the year I finally left the farm for good. Doc, a big iron-gray horse mule, and Otha, a little red mare mule about 300 pounds lighter than Doc, were matched mules. They had been broken together, trained to move in their harness with precision and smoothness.

Matched mules are nearly always the same weight because if they are not and they are asked to pull something really heavy, the bigger mule lunges into his harness, bellying down behind his collar and simply snatches the smaller mule back against the doubletree, an iron bar to which their trace chains are ultimately fastened, and, in effect, this loses all the pulling power of the lighter mule. It becomes a seesaw, with one mule lunging and then the other. The bigger mule isn't pulling with butagainst the one he's in a double harness with.

Not so with Doc and Otha. Doc waited. He compensated. The two of them would, slow as breathing, tighten their traces together, leaning into their collars. When I've seen Doc turn - even in the middle of the worst kind of pull - and look at his fine little mare mule beside him giving all she had to give, I knew he was thinking how best to help her, how best to take whatever part of the load he could off her. I always knew he thought about
her a lot . . .

We always had to take both Doc and Otha to the field even if we planned to work only one of them. We had to hitch the one not being worked so that they would never be out of sight of one another. If we took one out of the lot without the other, or for any reason made it so they could not see each other, they would literally rip themselves apart in an effort to get back together: knock down fences, go through barbed wire, cut their heads and chests slamming through stables.

I never doubted the love between Doc and Otha.

We'll see you at the Cox Capitol Theatre.



Friday, April 29, 2011

Let the Festivities Begin!

So excited to see you tonight to kick-off the WWWW in Macon, Georgia! Grant's Lounge is located at 576 Poplar Street in beautiful downtown Macon. Just look for the iconic front entrance! And leave room for some delicious fried fish, cheese grits, hushpuppies and slaw cooked up by Cheryl Grant Louder. Come casual and let's get this party started. See you soon!


the J-Dubs

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keep it Right Here, Folks

WWWW forecast is looking warm and sunny, just like our hearts (sorry, we can't help the sap). Tonight, we go on our final date with each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Tomorrow we start celebrating with you. Keep checking Macon Candy for any WWWW updates and we'll do our best to keep you posted on what we hope and pray is a weekend of all weekends for us all.

If you hadn't already, check out our engagement announcement.

Will and Kate who??

See you soon,


p.s. Photo by fabulous friend and wedding guest Maryann Bates!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Day After I-Do Brunch

We'll see you at the Rookery on Cherry Street in downtown Macon on Sunday, May 1, the day after the big day. We'll be there as husband and wife by noonish. The Rookery is going to do a special menu for our brunch crew and want y'all to leave room for dessert!

It's our last chance to tell you thank you for being a big part of our big day.

See you soon,

Jessica & Jamie

p.s. Photo by wedding guest Adam Smith!

We Couldn't Resist

We sure did enjoy being single. But we sure as heck are glad we found each other.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting By with Help from our Friends

So the wedding week is officially here. This bride would be fibbing if I said I hadn't been stressing. But for the most part, I know this party is going to happen whether we're ready or not! We've got a lot of friends to thank for their generosity and support over the last few (and I mean few because this engagement was fast!) months. We've been truly blown away by the good folk in our lives.

I've got to give a special shout-out to my friend / fitness guru B.J. Dunwody, who gave me a gift that I hope I will keep giving to myself. She kicked my butt. And this bride has loved it. She stepped in as my fitness trainer/pseudo-shrink to get me through these last few weeks. Not only has she made me physically feel better about putting on the wedding dress, but she's made me PROUD as peacock to put on that wedding dress and dance the night away. Above is our photo, toe to toe. I didn't even know what to do with sneakers until she talked me into lacing them up. The best part about it all? She has become one of the best friend this bride could ever have through such a crazy time. Love you, B.J.!

Thanks to all of our friends, from the bottom of our hearts, for making this moment ours, all together.

Only in Macon

Here are a few things you can do during the daytime before the wedding:
  • Kids' Play Date at Amerson Water Works Park (see the post with all of the details below). Thanks to our friend Russ for organizing!
  • Ocmulgee Expeditions: 478.757.8226, This is the kayak and canoe rental company run by dear friends of ours, the Brothers Adams. They won't get you lost because they've also got to be at the Capitol by 8 p.m.! Your boat is launched from Amerson Water Works Park, the same place as the kids' play date. This is one of our favorite things to do in Macon - and it's easy for all levels. You can even rent a canoe big enough to do it family style. Check out the pics on the site and see the bride and groom taking the river by storm!
  • Georgia Children's Museum: 383 Cherry Street, 478.755.9539, A great place to take the kids and get all creative in downtown Macon.
  • Georgia Music Hall of Fame: 200 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, 478.751.3334, If you want to be shocked by Georgia's contributions to music, the GMHF is the place to be. It holds a lot of Jessica's family's history within its walls with her father Alan and uncle Phil are both featured as inductees. The future of the GMHF is in question, so we encourage and appreciate your support of the museum and its great Music Store. You may never have a chance to do so again. Also open on Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.
  • Georgia Sports Hall of Fame: 301 Cherry Street, 478.752.1585, Fun interactive exhibits that challenge the athlete in all of us. Maybe one day Jamie's dad Jimmy Weatherford will be among the inductees since his football career is certainly deserving.
  • Tubman African American Museum: 340 Walnut Street, 478.743.8544, Another cherished downtown attraction in the "museum district." It's also one of the best art galleries and history museums. You seriously come in curious and leave colorblind.
  • Big House Allman Brothers Museum: 2321 Vineville Avenue, 478.741.5551, If you like the Allman Brothers, this museum is a must see. It contains some amazing artifacts and truly takes you back in time with the rooms replicated to how it looked when the band called it home. There is even a Gov't Mule section. Also open Sunday from 11 a.m-5 p.m.
  • Ocmulgee National Monument: 478.752.8257, Home of the Muscogee Indians, this is a spiritual place. A tip from Jamie: if you are staying at the Macon Marriott City Center and are interested in taking a walk amongst ancient mounds, follow these directions: exit the Marriott hotel, hang a right toward Coliseum Drive (the road you came in on). Cross Coliseum Drive to Main Street and immediately on the right you will see Clinton Street. Take Clinton Street (maybe looks a little shady but it's safe) until it dead ends into a gate. Open the gate (unlocked traditional museum hours from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) and you have just entered the back of the Ocmulgee National Monument. Follow the paved path until you come to a "T." If you go left, you will head to the Welcome Center. If you go right, you will head toward the three mounds. Feel free to walk, hike, jog or just chill. The park is open on Sunday, too.
  • Ocmulgee Heritage Trail: Another excellent place to bike, walk, jog, stroll or chill. The paved trail runs along the Ocmulgee River for miles. Very convenient to the Macon Marriott City Center.
Other useful resources are the City of Macon's site and the Macon-Bibb Convention and Visitors Bureau's Welcome Center at 450 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. (visit their site The Welcome Center is like a museum unto itself and has a great video featuring many of our wedding guests. The city of Macon provides an amazing glimpse into the past. Our city boasts more homes on the National Historic Registration than Savannah, including the Hay House, the home of the Confederate Treasury during the Civil War, and the Cannonball House, the only Macon home "hit" during the Civil War. Macon's cemeteries are some of the most breathtaking places in the city. Rose Hill is final resting place of Duane Allman, Berry Oakley and Phil Walden, just to name a few. Riverside Cemetery holds both Jessica and Jamie's grandparents. It is also one of our favorite places to enjoy as a park.

There is no shortage of stuff to do in the town we love. Make a day of it and see you later at the Cox Capitol Theatre!

The Nitty Gritty

Here is another shot at breaking down the details of the Walden Weatherford Wedding Weekend (known as WWWW from here on out), as best described by the groom:

The rehearsal party is Friday, the 29th, at the historic Grant's Lounge (576 Poplar Street), also known as "The Birthplace of Southern Rock." The party is open to all invited guests of the wedding from 7 p.m. until. The dress is casual. We are serving Cheryl Grant Louder's fried fish, cheese grits, hushpuppies and cole slaw, starting at 7 p.m. We'll provide keg beer, sodas and water (Grant's will have a cash bar operating for other needs). One of Macon's favorite bands, Jubee & the Morning After, will start playing at 9 p.m. until we can't dance anymore.

The wedding and reception is Saturday, the 30th, at the Cox Capitol Theatre (382 Second Street) from 8-11 p.m. The dress is what we like to call "backstage cocktail attire," in other words, wear what you would wear if you were going backstage to meet your favorite band. Jamie will NOT be wearing a tie. We suggest you don't worry about it either. We'll be serving sodas, wine and the signature vodka drink "The Wedding Crasher" in honor of our bud Owen Wilson. There will also be a several cash bars throughout the venue for the night. For food, the awesome Saralyn Harvey has helped us create a fun-filled gourmet hotdog bar with all kind of fixings for late night snacking. Fountain of Juice has created our tower of cupcakes. And the great T-Bird and the Breaks from Austin, Texas are going to help us blow the roof off the joint.

The post-wedding/reception party will be at the Rookery (543 Cherry Street) from 11 p.m. until. One of our best friends, Brian Nolen, is putting his band Brian Lee & the Family back together for a special performance.

A special note and word to the wise - our friends at Zingo Designated Driver Services will be downtown and available for you to call so you don't have to worry about drinking and driving. They give you a safe ride home in your own vehicle. Keep their number handy: 478.254.6555.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where to Eat

One of the best parts of living in Macon is eating in Macon. We appreciate and admire our friends in the Macon restaurant industry. We hope you choose to skip the everyday chains you can find everywhere else and dine local. Below Jamie has provided a break-down of some of our favorite eating establishments, close to the Walden Weatherford Wedding Weekend Accommodations. He even did his own price point - according to what's come out of his wallet over the years!


Jittery Joe's: 1635 Montpelier Avenue, 478.621.5400, Indoor seating, kid-friendly and no reservations required. This is one of the great businesses found in Mercer Village, a project of the College Hill Corridor effort that Jessica works for. We recommend the Mayan Mocha with dark chocolate and cayenne! It is walking distance from the Hilton Garden Inn, but it's a hefty walk. ($-$$)

H and H: 807 Forsyth Street, 478.742.9810, Indoor seating, kid-friendly and no reservations required. The most soulful restaurant in town with hearty breakfast options and music memorabilia everywhere. You never know who you might meet, even in the morning. Mama Louise is a guest of the wedding, but you'll always find her working behind the counter. Be sure to tell her you're here for the wedding. We recommend the eggs, thick-cut bacon and cheese grits! ($)


The Rookery: 543 Cherry Street, 478.746.8658, Outdoor seating, kid-friendly and no reservations required. We'll be showing you a lot of the Rookery - site of the wedding after-party concert by Brian Lee & the Family as well as the brunch gathering the next day thanks to owners and wedding guests Wes Griffith and Chad Evans. Until then, check out their huge menu that includes some of the best and infamous burgers in town. You can't go wrong with the Walden Greenback with goat cheese, bacon and fried green tomato (named after Jessica's family!) or the Jimmy Carter Burger with bacon and peanut butter or the Big O Burger, the Doctor John Burger, the Ray Charles Burger, the Allman Burger . . . okay, all of them rock. And they substitute for veggie patties. Full bar available. Also open for dinner. ($$-$$$)

Greek Corner Deli: 587 Cherry Street, 478.254.3059. Outdoor seating, kid-friendly and no reservations required. Great lunch special combo of Greek salad and homemade humus. Jamie loves the chicken pita. Jessica digs the Greek sampler with humus, dolmas, olives and other finger foods. Also open for dinner. Beer served. ($$)

H and H: See above. This is the famous soul food joint that launched many a skinny musicians' full bellies. It's a Macon institution and Mama Louise (and wedding guest) is everyone's favorite cook in the kitchen. We recommend the fried chicken and collards. Just be prepared to leave with the smell still sticking to you. ($$-$$$)

Nu-Way Weiners: 430 Cotton Avenue, 478.743.1368, Counter and booth seating, kid-friendly and no reservations required. If we're talking Macon institutions, here's another. Jessica has even been locked in Nu-Way with Oprah when she came to town. Their slaw-dog was named one of the New York Times' best in the country; their "All the Way" is the classic way to go. Jessica even does it strange sometimes and asks for "Dressed Buns" with just the filler goodness in a bun. Their burgers and chocolate malts are insane too. Just make sure you don't mind that onion smell trailing with you for the day . . . We'll all know we're you've been eating. ($)

Fountain of Juice: 3045 Vineville Avenue, 478.755.5000. Outdoor seating, kid-friendly, no reservations required. If you're going to be in the Vineville neck of the woods, visiting the Big House in particular, we highly recommend grabbing lunch at Fountain of Juice, owned by friends (and wedding guests) Natasha and Carl Phillips. Fountain of Juice is providing the cupcakes for the big night! Sample one of her creations while you're there! And expect high quality sandwiches, soups and salads known for their organic ingredients and monster good taste. Jessica recommends the Lemon Basil Smoothie and any and all of their sandwiches made by the Fountain of Juice staff with serious love. ($$-$$$)

Joshua Cup Coffee: See above. In addition to coffee and baked goods, they do quality sandwiches, regular and toasted. Walking distance from 1842 Inn, grab it to go and picnic in Washington Park, just across the street. ($-$$)

Francars Buffalo Wings: 1365 Linden Avenue in Mercer Village, 478.741.3338, Outdoor seating, kid-friendly and no reservations required. This is another close restaurant to the Hilton Garden Inn. You can't go wrong with any of their famous wings. We love the Tangy Peach. Their Philly Cheesesteak is also a favorite, as well as their fried corn nuggets. Beer available. Also open for dinner. Tell Carl and Sharon Fambro hello - they are also guests at the wedding! ($-$$)

Ingleside Village Pizza: 1635 Montpelier Avenue in Mercer Village, 478.743.4113, Outdoor seating, kid-friendly and no reservations required. This is another restaurant close to the Hilton Garden Inn and a sister restaurant to the original "IVP" in the Vine-Ingle area. Their White Pizza is legendary. All of their dough is hand-tossed and you can get just about any topping you want. We recommend the Ultimate Village Salad or the Ultimate Village Pizza. Either are loaded with goodness. Lots of beer to choose from. Owner Andrew Collier is among wedding guests. Also open for dinner. ($$-$$$)

Dinner: We recommend grabbing a bite to eat before the wedding since we're serving it snack-style with a gourmet hotdog bar!

Downtown Grill: 562 Mulberry Street Lane (in the alley behind the Cox Capitol Theatre), 478.742.5999, Reservations suggested - especially the night of the wedding. Owner and friend Richie Jones and right hand man Richard Dennis (who are also friends and wedding guests) can tell you our favorite drinks and dishes . . . fried artichoke hearts, bistro steak medallions, grit cakes, green goddess salad, goat cheese stuffed filet . . . We're getting hungry writing about it. What's cool about Downtown Grill is it's a historic hotspot where Andy Warhol, Bette Midler, Cher and more once dined back when it was known as Le Bistro, opened by Capricorn co-founder Frank Fenter. Full bar. ($$-$$$$)

Michael's on Mulberry: 588 Mulberry Street, 478.743.3997, Outdoor seating, reservations suggested. You'll be just around the corner from the Capitol and in view of the marquee from the outdoor seating at Michael's. Owners Michael and Candy Taylor are a power couple inspiration to us and will take good care of you, considering they are guests of the wedding, too. We highly recommend their seafood nachos and smoked salmon appetizer! Full bar. ($$$-$$$$)

Tic Toc Room: 408 Martin Luther King, Junior Boulevard, 478.744.0123, Limited outdoor seating, reservations suggested. This is the restaurant that founded the resurgence of the swanky dining movement in downtown Macon thanks to owner Cesare Mamarella. We recommend the ahi tuna appetizer, lobster bisque and just about any of the steak and sushi dishes. The bleu cheese stuffed olives are a favorite in dirty martinis. And the smores dessert is pretty fun to order and roast on site. Full bar and extensive martini list. ($$$-$$$$)

Lemongrass Thai Bistro: 442 Cherry Street, 478.257.6464, Outdoor seating and no reservations required. From little plates like our favorite shrimp basil rolls to big dishes like the delicious Thai clay pot that includes noodles, shrimp and bacon to Jessica's favorite smoked salmon sushi roll, there is plenty of variety that can go with or without chopsticks. Owners and friends Gary and Carla will take good care of you. Fried ice cream is a favorite dessert! Full bar with exotic drinks. ($$$-$$$$)

Tokyo Alley: 574 Mulberry Street Lane (behind the Cox Capitol Theatre), 478.743.9449, No reservations required but the place fills up fast! If you have a large group, call ahead for private dining. Tucked away in the alley alongside Downtown Grill, it's one of the most intimate tables in town. You can brown bag your wine and choose from both Japanese and Thai influenced dishes. We recommend the cheese rolls and vegetable basil leaves. Their lemon chicken is a local favorite and they've got all kinds of curries. ($$-$$$)

Sunday Brunch:

The Rookery will be hosting specials on the Brunch menu in honor of the day after our big day. That's where we will be on the morning of being a married couple. Dolce Vita also serves a great brunch with full Bloody Mary Bar.

For the Kids or Kids in All of Us

Thanks to father and friend Russ Loyd, a play date has been set up at one of Macon's most beautiful playgrounds and parks along the Ocmulgee River, where some of you may choose to kayak that day with our friends at Ocmulgee Expeditions.

Below, find all of the play date details, straight from Russ (whose cute daughter you see in the photo above):

What: Kids' Play Date at Amerson Water Works Park

When: April 30th, 2011, starting at 10-10:30 until the kids get tired
Where: 2600 Riverview Road, Macon, Ga., 31204

The Walden/Weatherford wedding, also known as the "18 Wheels of Love Tour 2011" and "The WWW (Walden/Weatherford Wedding)," is shaping up to be as much fun as a Jackie Treehorn pool party. I am adding to the weekend's festivities by setting up a trip to a great new playground/ park in Macon the morning of the wedding.
This accomplishes several things:
1. allows friends to spend more time together
2. meet new friends before the wedding
3. wear out the kids
4. it's free
5. see a great new Macon playground / hiking / preservation area

This gathering is very informal and mostly just something free to do to do with (or without the kids) enjoying a beautiful day in Macon, Ga.
The is central to all parts of Macon and less than 1 mile off of I-75 and Riverside Dr.

A map to the park.

Amerson Water Works Park (AWWP)
2600 Riverview Road

Macon, GA 31204

Amerson Water Works Park (AWWP) was recently completed by New Town Macon, is a part of the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail, and, according to James T. Weatherford, is the "Ronnie Van Zant" of parks in the Middle Georgia Area. AWWP offers hiking trails, biking trails, wildlife viewing, canoeing, boating, covered picnic tables and a playground.
Below is a link to a map of park and amenities.

Video of Amerson Water Works Park

Everyone come self sufficient with water & snacks. There are some portable toilets on site and a covered pavilion with picnic tables.
The Park Rules are here including info on the $3 parking fee.
All the best and I look forward to seeing/meeting you on Saturday afternoon.

Russ Loyd

Monday, March 21, 2011

Let Us Hear from You!

This week, the invites are arriving in mailboxes across the country. Yeah, we're a little behind on the suggested six weeks, but with enough envelopes to keep the postal service pretty darn busy, we're just glad it's finally out of our hands!

We are expecting quite the large crowd to our big day. So, we recommend getting to the Cox Capitol Theatre early. In true concert style, DOORS OPEN AT 7 p.m.

Family and the friends-like-family will have some reserved seating on the floor, as well as the front row of the balcony and box seats. Just ask your usher to take you there.

There will be plenty of seating upstairs in the balcony. Seating downstairs will be extremely limited. Most of it will be standing room only. For those who are used to concerts, this shouldn't be a problem. You will remain standing for the bride and groom through the short and sweet ceremony and will already be on the dance floor when the party starts immediately after we say our vows (you will also be closest to the bar!).

You'll notice your invite didn't include an official RSVP. Since we've already bogged down the post master, we decided to let Macon Candy make up for it. Just shoot us a quick note to and let us know that you received your invite and whether you will or will not be attending the rehearsal party and/or the wedding. This helps us get an idea on just how big our big day is going to be.

Finally, if you are reading this and did not receive an invite over the course of this week, and you think you should have (or heck, liked to have!), please don't be shy about emailing us and letting us know. We did our best, but sometimes stuff happens. Especially en route.

With gratitude,


Friday Night Rehearsal Party - It's On!

We are so stoked to introduce one of our favorite local acts to our visiting Macon guests. There is no better way to show off our city than to show off the contenders of the local music scene. These gentlemen our friends, and we're proud to say we're their fans, too. Please put your hands up for Macon's own Jubee & the Morning After, performing at the historic Grant's Lounge the night before our wedding!

Check out the video shot off the cuff this weekend in one of our downtown alleyways. And then check out their current music video, also shot on location in beautiful downtown Macon. Just remember, you get to say you saw them then. Friends of the groom, you might want to break out that old taping equipment . . .

p.s. This message was sponsored by the Bride, who is sponsored by Jubee and the Morning After ;-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

I-Do Intinerary

Here's the skinny on the schedule for the Walden-Weatherford Wedding Weekend:

Friday, April 29: 7:30 p.m. - Rehearsal Party at Grant's Lounge!

We'll be serving fried fish and cheese grits along with some serious Macon music by Jubee & the Morning After and some of our Macon music friends.

Saturday, April 30 - Wedding Day!

We'll be keeping you updated on friends organizing friends get-togethers throughout the day (such a playground times for the second generations). If you have anything in mind, e-mail us at and keep us posted so we can post here.

The wedding doesn't start until late. We advise grabbing dinner before the ceremony. We'll have a list of suggested downtown restaurants here soon who will be aware of the wedding party. We will have food at the reception . . . but we're keeping it concert-style and serving a gourmet hot dog bar. Yep, you read it right.

7 p.m., Cox Capitol Theatre - Doors Open!

We suggest getting there early for sure. Family and friends-like-family will have reserved seating on the floor, box seats and front row balcony. Just ask your ushers.

8 p.m., Cox Capitol Theatre - Wedding Begins!

Hopefully you're either seated or standing around the Cox Capitol Theatre stage by this time. The short, sweet and sure-to-be soulful wedding ceremony will be immediately followed by the reception (a.k.a. Concert by T-Bird & the Breaks!), all in one place.

11 p.m., Rookery - Afterparty!

The party of our lives continues just around the corner from the Cox Capitol Theatre. Jamie's longtime friend Brian Nolen is getting the band together for a rousing performance by Brian Lee & the Family.

Sunday, May 1 - Safe Travels!

Before you hit the road or close out the wedding weekend, we highly recommend Sunday Brunch in beautiful downtown Macon at the Rookery or Dolce Vita. Both of which serve delicious breakfast/lunch selections as well as the requisite Bloody Mary and mimosa.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Ready to Get Funky

It's a concert with a wedding wedged in and we are delighted . . . no, ecstatic . . . no ELATED and HONORED to have Austin's own T-Bird & the Breaks performing at our celebration. This is a band that is near and dear to us after they brought the house down at Bragg Jam 2009. The 11-piece rock and soul revue will get you to dance like nobody is watching!

Here's a little sample of what's to come:

Cordially En Route

Check your mailbox over the next couple of days because invites were mailed this week. Thanks to Jessica's cousin and co-hort Jody Judd and Judd Mailing Services for helping us get the invites out. With 450 addresses, our penmanship would never have been able to keep up!

Extra special thanks to Jessica's dear friend, mentor and former colleague (he hates it when she says "boss") David Canady, president of Imedia Group, for giving us the gift of print in honor of our union. Not only did David gently nudge Jessica in Jamie's direction in the beginning, but he took special care in creating and printing the invites to the day we have all been waiting for.

David enlisted his expert artist-in-residence, graphic designer Susie Allen to bring the look we wanted to life. Thanks to you all for getting the party officially started!


Wondering What to Wear?

Neither one of us are fans of dress codes. And this wedding is no exception. But if you are wondering what to wear, here are a few fashionable hints to the attire atmosphere of the night:

- Think "[Backstage] Cocktail Attire," meaning just about anything goes!

- Best Man David Higdon and Bradsmaid Brad are wearing dark jeans with the velvet jackets

- Jessica's posse of gal pals have been advised that they can't go wrong with the LBD (little black dress, for all you dudes)

- The Mothers of the Bride and Groom are staying away from anything that goes on a rack for "Mothers of the Bride or Groom"

- Ties will just get in the way

- Jessica's J. Crew wedding dress is short and was on sale for $60

- Tuxedo t-shirts won't be turned away

Don't look to us for some fashion do's and don't's. Do whatever feels right for the night!