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Thursday, March 26, 2020

And Then.

And Then.

Never did I imagine it would take a global pandemic to bring me back to blogging. So, in the midst of this crisis, instead of starting something new, I returned to my original piece of internet real estate, bringing it back to where it all began -- and keeping it classic! -- on Blogger. Can you believe this site has now documented a whopping decade of my life? 

First came love and courtship (told from the POV of my pup Candy Lou -- still kicking at age 12!). Then came marriage when the J-Dubs made it official. Then it was all about that baby carriage when along came Jameson Walden Weatherford. After that, a giant gap, last documented here in April, 2016, where I vowed Macon Candy would return.

There was a lot packed into that gap, from co-founding a third business to moving our family to the rural country to running for State office, to raising an incredibly vibrant son and always adding to our menagerie (current pet count is now up to five dogs, three cats and one bunny). 

Rock Candy Tours remains real. Jamie and I are about to celebrate nine years of marriage. Our son, Walden, will turn six this summer. Our family is currently healthy. Our businesses and careers have been humming along. We were already embracing a slower speed of living. 

And then.  

We’re stopped in our tracks. We find ourselves looking up, looking down, looking all around and asking ourselves, what just happened? A pause button is pushed. A chapter suddenly closed. An uncharted shift is upon us.

So, here I am. Suddenly, I’m a home-schooling mother whose three businesses are barely a side hustle. My husband and I are going to extreme physical measures to keep our family quarantined. I’m finding myself isolated on this secluded piece of land we so passionately made our home to get away from it all. Everything we’ve ever worked for is facing an uncertain future with a certain question mark. 

And yet.

The story of love will shift again. 

[Photos Once Again by our Magnolia Cowgirl, Leah Yetter]

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time for Another Macon Candy Make-Over!

It's time for another change to First came love. Then came marriage. And we've totally been pushing the baby carriage for nearly two years now -- two years!! Now it's time to see a little bit of it all, from happenings and antics of our dear, sweet city of Macon to a marriage that is now five years in the making (come this weekend!) to life on the seat of our training pants as we move on from newborn baby boy to straight-up toddler dude. Thank you for being patient and for being part of the journey. It is here at Macon Candy that you will continue to find the best of all of our worlds.

So, kicking things off, here are the highlights on my radar this week. What about yours?

Monday: Participating in a community discussion panel hosted by our local Junior League. Topic is servant leadership, and the guide for discussion is Robert Greenleaf's Servant Leadership: A Journey into the Nature and Legitimate Power of Greatness.   

Wednesday: Going to see the Alabama Shakes live in Athens, Georgia with Bright Blue (Stephanie) and Texas T (Tabitha). Remember them from the original Macon Candy? Yep, we're still having fun!

Thursday: Five year anniversary celebration is ON in Charleston, SC! We're packing a baby-sitter, and Jamie grabbed us reservations at Husk!

This also means I'll be trying to fit a 40+ hour week into about three days. That desk I am coming from in the picture above is mine - all mine - as in, I now have my own office, and my own gig these days, too. More on my latest career ventures later. Looking forward to catching up in Macon Candy's land!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

About That Breastfeeding

After one year, a couple of months, and even a kidney stone, I finally put up the "Out of Business" sign on ye ol' mama's milk-making shop. And it just about broke my heart in two. I had full intentions to milk it for all its worth, at least until Walden entered two. But just like that, he lost interest and the raging flow eventually trickled out to baby oblivion. Who knew breastfeeding and I would get along so well? I'm truly going to miss it, its moments and even the hard work that was involved.

By breastfeeding, I discovered a ferocious new passion in this life + baby. And in case you missed it, last month I found my voice in the #normalizebreastfeeding battle cry thanks to the fab femmes at In Fine Feather Blog.

In Fine Feather is a stunning, easy-on-the-eyes blog focused on holistic, healthy and homegrown wellness. Its creators are Tess Harper, a dear friend and former colleague of mine, and her bestie Haley Sheffield, an artist extraordinaire, who've I've always wanted to meet on the other side of the lens.  

With August being Breastfeeding Awareness Month, they allowed me the platform to open my heart on this matter and get a few things off my chest . . . Including the opportunity to capture breastfeeding's sacred moments in the act. Now, when I miss it the most, I have the portraits Haley shot to keep close to my heart. 

Click HERE to read my guest blog post on the "Art and Acceptance of Breastfeeding." And be sure to check out the entire beautiful blog, which includes a fantastic interview with my favorite prenatal yoga instructor and muscle relaxer (ha!) Mandy Miller

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Family Pack

It's been a while since I posted a pic of this girl. Or any one of our five mutts, for that matter. 

The truth is when baby boy arrived, our fur babies took a big backseat, just as everyone said they would. Life hasn't been the same. They don't have our doting like before. But they do have each other. And they even have their own rather nice "dog den" in our old guest house in the backyard. 

Still, we feel guilty as we pass them everyday, swearing we'll get back to them soon enough. 

Our baby boy loves them, pointing and laughing at his "Bark-Barks," even though we all know he makes them nervous and is the culprit for their new found neglect. 

Candy Lou, in particular, was the princess of my lap (and the original inspiration of this blog!). She came to me via Heart of Georgia Humane Society, just a few weeks after the tragic passing of my beloved Guapo. Ironically, they called her Mama. She was surrendered to the old school Animal Control for getting pregnant on her first heat. She gave birth in foster care, and after her one puppy was adopted out, she ultimately found her way to us. So, she seems to get the mama thing more than any of them. 

She's also an alpha among our pack. Her throne now sits at the top of our backdoor stairs, where she remains hopeful for an invitation to return inside and resume the life she had better than any of the other four. And she sits so patiently. She's watched me go in and out of the house in the fog of the newborn haze, the blissfulness of new babydom, the business mode of working motherhood and the concern that comes from keeping a curious toddler from getting hurt. And she sits and waits for whatever she can get these days, even if it's just a quick pat, acknowledging that's she there. 

I can't promise Candy Lou that we'll get back to our "old life" together. And I don't know if she'll live long enough to see things truly settle down. 

But one thing I can assure her and our other four is that they're not going anywhere. We can't give them all we gave them before, but we can give them the same loyalty they've given us. We're not the parents who turn our backs on our pets. 

Sure, they are messy. They are unsure of the baby. They still bark too much. But they are quieter than they used to be, especially when we shush them and say "baby is sleeping." And when the baby does want to see the "Bark-Barks," we respect their space so our child can learn to respect it, too.

Tonight, Candy Lou's waiting didn't go unnoticed. She was bathed, she was cuddled and she was reminded she was still loved. It was just enough, so that when it was time for bed, she quickly went back to the pack, settling down for the night in their den outside our backdoor. 

The fact is, we're all part of the pack - me, Jamie, Walden and the five mutts (Candy Lou, Boz Waggs, Tybee, Bowen and Miss Kitty). They miss living with the ultimate alphas, but they know the newest cub needs us more right now. 

And even though the attention they get from us may never be the same, before we all know it, their love will triple as our son comes to know them like we always will. A baby, indeed, changes everything ... Including making that love and loyalty only grow.