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Thursday, March 26, 2020

And Then.

And Then.

Never did I imagine it would take a global pandemic to bring me back to blogging. So, in the midst of this crisis, instead of starting something new, I returned to my original piece of internet real estate, bringing it back to where it all began -- and keeping it classic! -- on Blogger. Can you believe this site has now documented a whopping decade of my life? 

First came love and courtship (told from the POV of my pup Candy Lou -- still kicking at age 12!). Then came marriage when the J-Dubs made it official. Then it was all about that baby carriage when along came Jameson Walden Weatherford. After that, a giant gap, last documented here in April, 2016, where I vowed Macon Candy would return.

There was a lot packed into that gap, from co-founding a third business to moving our family to the rural country to running for State office, to raising an incredibly vibrant son and always adding to our menagerie (current pet count is now up to five dogs, three cats and one bunny). 

Rock Candy Tours remains real. Jamie and I are about to celebrate nine years of marriage. Our son, Walden, will turn six this summer. Our family is currently healthy. Our businesses and careers have been humming along. We were already embracing a slower speed of living. 

And then.  

We’re stopped in our tracks. We find ourselves looking up, looking down, looking all around and asking ourselves, what just happened? A pause button is pushed. A chapter suddenly closed. An uncharted shift is upon us.

So, here I am. Suddenly, I’m a home-schooling mother whose three businesses are barely a side hustle. My husband and I are going to extreme physical measures to keep our family quarantined. I’m finding myself isolated on this secluded piece of land we so passionately made our home to get away from it all. Everything we’ve ever worked for is facing an uncertain future with a certain question mark. 

And yet.

The story of love will shift again. 

[Photos Once Again by our Magnolia Cowgirl, Leah Yetter]

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