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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rock Candy Tours Coming Soon!

Life definitely has not slowed down for us since saying I do! Jamie and I are the proud new owners of Rock Candy Tours, LLC, our tour company that is currently offering Macon, Georgia's only music history walking tour. With the recent closing of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, we've begun our business earlier than expected and have gone from husband and wife to business partners faster than we ever imagined!

We're currently offering the "Rock n' Soul Stroll" through parts of downtown Macon. The two-hour tour takes you to places where it literally all began - the Allman Brothers' first crash pad, the international headquarters of the original concert t-shirts and the offices of Otis Redding, Capricorn Records, Paragon Booking Agency and Hustlers, Inc, where contracts and deals for some of American music's greatest artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Percy Sledge, Redding and more were conducted. We walk by the place "Please, Please, Please" was originally recorded by James Brown. We tell stories that liner notes don't cover, and we cover legends' roots in Macon and the legendary tales that came with them.

While the walking tour is off and -- well, walking -- we will soon introduce our trolley tour that will roll through all of downtown Macon's storied music past. We hope to have information on the trolley tour schedule soon as well as a stand-alone website on our entire operation.

Until then, walking tours take place in the summer evenings, by appointment. Tours are $60 for up to six people; $10 per person after that (so, if it's just the two of you, it's $30 per person; if you have a group of six, it's only $10 per person). We work with your schedule and can book tours during the week or weekend.

To schedule a walk on the Rock n' Soul Stroll, e-mail Jamie and I at


Jessica Walden & Jamie Weatherford
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