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Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to Business in the Corridor

Mom roared back into Macon, leaving her "do not disturb" sign dangling in the wind. The next morning after their flight landed, she was back at work with a vengeance for the newest bit of news and improved lifestyle in the College Hill Corridor. Watch the video below!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

From the East to the West

Suitcases are being packed and that means only one thing - we're getting another super sitter and Mom and Shuga D are off on another adventure. This time they are showing some sister love with a trip out West to give both of their siblings a big hug.

First, they go to see Georgie Girl and her drummer man Scott. G.G. has been an L.A. Woman for over a year now . . . and it's been that long since the sisters have seen each other. Mom's to-do's include long-awaited Pinkberry, a panty raid at Trashy Lingerie and who knows what else when nightlife comes alive.

Then it's Mom and Shuga D going 310 to Yuma. They've decided to opt out of a shuttle flight and take the scenic route from L.A. to Arizona, where Shuga's sister and her family will be waiting in Tuscon. Mom and Shuga are extremely excited to hold their newborn niece Olive Jean in their arms and give nephew Jackson big props for being an awesome big brother.

They'll be leaving on a Phoenix jet plane after seven real days in the wild west. Neither of them have been on a vacation like this in quite some time. So, check the Macon Candy Twitter page (or look for the feed to the left of this page) as Mom does her best to update us on their adventures.

Until then, in honor of the trip, pop a pill and put on your best Neely O'Hara (we'll miss you Spiro!) for Mom's favorite movie trailer, Hollywood's Valley of the Dolls:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a Purse! No, it's a Travel Case!

We have to admit, we're some spoiled grand-dogs here in Candy's Land. Anytime we get in the reach of Mom's Pop Walden, expect lots of people food, belly rubs and baby talk. And then there are the gifts. We love gifts.

Little brother Boz Waggs is checking out the latest. It appears to be a patent leather paw purse. But flip the lock and find two fine travel bowls inside. Check me out as I check them out . . . I'm a dog who can blog and read, immediately sniffing the "Eat" side.

So, is Pop Walden trying to hint to Mom that he would rather us travel first class than stay with him next time they need a sitter? Naaaah! After all, our granddaddy is first class all the way.

It's Baaaack

Last year, Mom was just a spectator, wincing at the "Big Dan Hauling Ass" incident. This year, she is among the organizers. Pictured is me on the "Cherry Bomb" before Big Dan took it down the hill in 2009.

This year, there is just no telling what's in store . . . There are 13 soapbox cars competing in the Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby. On top of that, there is the Laura Reed Band performing the regular Second Sunday show and there will also be a block party down Magnolia with food, sidewalk chalk, art and more live music. All of this is free. I have a feeling the crowd is going to be crazy. A good kind of crazy. See you Sunday!

Give a Darn

Have you seen the new "We Give a Damn" campaign? Well, here in Candy's Land, we do. Mom has too many people in her life who she gives a big damn about, who she believes are equally, beautifully made, adored and deserving of the right to be exactly who they are.

Tomorrow (Friday), Mom is doing her best to make it to a rally scheduled Friday at 6 p.m. near City Hall. She will be there to support a Bleckley County High School Senior Derrick Martin and all of the other sons out there who want to take their boyfriends to the prom. Or the daughters who dream of their wedding day to their girlfriends. Or the Deonna Sages who aren't allowed to be as beautiful.

Big props to Derrick, Deonna and the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays for getting us together and giving us a reason to Give a Damn.

Pictured is Macon's own Deonna Sage, who proved to one local deejay that her balls were bigger than his. Photo by Auntie George, a.k.a. Georgie Girl.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Not Another Pup, but it IS Mom's New Pet!

One of the other aspects of Mom's life that kept her busy the last couple of weeks was the GIANT decision to buy a cute little car. Meet Mom's brand new Mini Cooper Clubman in "Hot Chocolate Metallic" with black bonnet stripes.

The folks at Mini of South Atlanta, in particular Sergei Antipov (her motoring advisor in accidentally matching ensemble), made it worth every penny. Mom built her dream car via the Mini site, and instead of waiting for it to be shipped in from the assembly line, Sergei found her one en route already. Mom felt like a 16-year-old being handed the keys for the first time. Except this time, she got the car she always wanted.

She also found a good home for her car of almost 10 years, the Black Bean, her black 2001 Honda Civic EX (emphasis on the EX). Good-bye Bean . . . hello Coco.

Shuga is smiling like the proud papa because he says he loves it when Mom knows and gets exactly what she wants.

Motor on.

Here Comes the Jaded Brides

It just so happens that Mom is playing catch up with an ocean front view on Folly Beach, which she was brought to for a wedding. Shuga D is shooting paint balls with the groom. I'm at home with my brother and sister mutts and a totally awesome sitter. The weather is delightful in all corners of Candy's Land. And life is good, albeit been busy.

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the birthdays of two of Mom's besties, Super Mom SGM and Honey Shot, who from here on out, we'll refer to as our Magnolia Cowgirl. The ladies had some pre-party fun with the Magnolia Cowgirl's last hometown shoot before riding off into the sunset. Most of it is for their own private giggles, but let's just say it involved their "something went anew" wedding dresses, runny mascara and a bottle of whiskey.
Who says you can't wear your wedding dress twice? Even if you're not married anymore! So glad that Blueberry's good-sported mama also got into the action with her now twice-used tiara.

After the photo shoot, they returned to our Candy's Land crib for the birthday reception. Sitting as a centerpiece was this lovely "Jaded Brides" birthday cake created by local baker extraordinaire Tammy Anderson of Anderson's Bakery. The cake was a delicious multi-tier of red velvet goodness. The decor was clusters of "isn't it ironic" black roses and ferns. The topper was a clay creation in honor of all the single ladies - holding up her hand in "rock on" solidarity. It was as awesome as rain on a wedding day.