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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here Comes the Jaded Brides

It just so happens that Mom is playing catch up with an ocean front view on Folly Beach, which she was brought to for a wedding. Shuga D is shooting paint balls with the groom. I'm at home with my brother and sister mutts and a totally awesome sitter. The weather is delightful in all corners of Candy's Land. And life is good, albeit been busy.

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the birthdays of two of Mom's besties, Super Mom SGM and Honey Shot, who from here on out, we'll refer to as our Magnolia Cowgirl. The ladies had some pre-party fun with the Magnolia Cowgirl's last hometown shoot before riding off into the sunset. Most of it is for their own private giggles, but let's just say it involved their "something went anew" wedding dresses, runny mascara and a bottle of whiskey.
Who says you can't wear your wedding dress twice? Even if you're not married anymore! So glad that Blueberry's good-sported mama also got into the action with her now twice-used tiara.

After the photo shoot, they returned to our Candy's Land crib for the birthday reception. Sitting as a centerpiece was this lovely "Jaded Brides" birthday cake created by local baker extraordinaire Tammy Anderson of Anderson's Bakery. The cake was a delicious multi-tier of red velvet goodness. The decor was clusters of "isn't it ironic" black roses and ferns. The topper was a clay creation in honor of all the single ladies - holding up her hand in "rock on" solidarity. It was as awesome as rain on a wedding day.

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