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Friday, November 27, 2009

'Tis the [Tacky] Christmas Sweater Season!

Like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, we are getting as warm and cozy as whiskey with eggnog here in Candy's Land. Here are me and my brother and sister mutts - Tybee, Bowen, Kitty and me, Candy Lou - in our holiday card attire.

Say cheese . . .

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Since Mom's on the Road, Let's Ride

Here's one of Mom's favorite music videos of all time. You know the guys of the Marshall Tucker Band had too much fun making "Long Hard Ride." Be sure to pay attention to the cameo appearance at about minute 3:58 . . . the sharp-dressed sharp-shooter happens to be Mom's uncle Phil Walden. Nothing like some yee-haw with your rock-n-roll!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

And Her Hedgehog Humphrey

Since Mom is feeling sentimental as the season of thanks begins, here's a little sweet thing that made us smile. Remember "Pinwheel"? And remember this cool chick?

This one is for you, Georgie Girl. Candy Lou (and Mom) miss you!

A Wishbone of Thanks

Last year, Mom and Shuga D were kind of new in incorporating their respective holiday traditions. But this year, Mom knew exactly what to look forward to . . . and it just so happened to come early!

Shuga Mama Jean made a batch of her infamous turkey soup before Thanksgiving this year. And it was a good thing she did because by the time Mom gets back into town after Thanksgiving, it would have all been gone.

Too bad we can't share the recipe for Shuga Mama Jean's turkey soup here in Candy's Land, but we hear it is labor-intensive, involves a well-picked turkey carcass and has so many ingredients -- from cabbage to noodles to potatoes and more -- it's just better to enjoy than think through it all.

Mom's favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. While it often gets bypassed for the commercial superhighway that is Christmas, Mom has clung tightly to the Thanksgiving tradition of coming to the table, bowing our heads and giving thanks for each others' presence . . . whether at the table at her mom's house in Tennessee, the beaches of the Gulf Coast, here in Macon, the mountains of Alabama, serving the needy at a soup kitchen in L.A. or looking down from Heaven above . . . It's a holiday where our hearts are as full as our bellies.

If Mom wins the wishbone pull, she only wants more of exactly what she's got. And more turkey soup, of course.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Got Soul?

Have you gotten your T-Bird and the Breaks tickets yet? Bragg Jam presents an encore performance this Thursday night at the Cox Capitol Theatre. Mom, Shuga D and the gang fell in love with this band during the Bragg Jam Festival, and they are polishing their dancing shoes for their triumphant return!

Tickets are still only $10 at the Cox Capitol Theatre box office ($13 day of show). All of the money that is made from the show goes back into growing Bragg Jam so the organization can continue bringing more live music into our lives. Shuga D bought their tickets this weekend!

The show starts early with the beat jamming, head-slamming City Council opening the stage. T-Bird and the Breaks re-grace the stage at 9 p.m. for all you early birds.

The 11-piece Austin soul revue reminds us of what it might be like to hear Wayne Cochran back in the day. That's him enjoying some soul food with the one and only Otis Redding. And you know you've gotta, gotta, gotta have some serious soul to be sitting at that table.

Get ready to get up . . . get down . . . and shake your booty all around when Austin hits Macon's city limits.

p.s. Thanks to Bright Blue for a little taste of what's to come this Thursday!

T-Bird & the Breaks in Macon, GA! from Stephanie Shadden on Vimeo.

This Little Piggy has a Close Up

Check out the fun PSA created for the upcoming Fly South Fest. Mom, Bright Blue and Texas T spent part of their Sunday working with the star, Lizzy the pig (and her piglets), to make this fabulous little promo.

Yep, that is Mom's real deal handwriting on Lizzy's Neopolitan ice-cream-like belly. Don't worry, she used washable Magic Markers.

And that sexy voice? Mom's favorite sauceman and Macon's own Rocky Mills (he's a legend in BBQ circles).

Makes me want to wee, wee, wee all the way to my hometown's "Music + BBQ" festival . . .

Fly South Festival from Tabitha Lynne Walker - Big Hair on Vimeo.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Out on the Town

Thanks to AC Pup, here is a shot of me and Mom out on the town on First Friday at the Yappy Hour event. And another one of me out of the bag and running my mouth at the event.

If you haven't already, make friends with AC Pup on Facebook and stay in tune with the local rescue pet efforts.

Candy Lou loves you!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Charleston Candy

We're still catching up on our posts in Candy's Land since we took a weekend off for a trip to Charleston. Some of you may have already seen our travel album on Mom's Facebook page.

Shuga D was one lucky guy to graduate from college in such an amazing city. Mom loves being there with him and hearing his stories that could rival most frat film plots.

For this trip, Shuga booked a room that prided in being pet-friendly but still retained the cool (and clean) that would make him and Mom fill comfortable. The ALoft in North Charleston (yes, NC, near the airport) was perfect for us. Being in the W family (the hotels, thank God), it goes to extreme with the hip factor and modern charm. Check out my pics in the lobby, where I cozied up to Mom and Shuga D why the enjoyed cocktails at the bar. And yes, that is a travel set game of Candyland available for purchase at the front desk. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Me, Mom and Shuga proceeded to eat our way around the city of Charleston (Vickery's fries and pepper gravy remain a favorite!) and both of their bellies proved to not be big enough to indulge at ALL the places they wanted to go. But they did a lot in the couple of days there, walking throughout downtown, enjoyed Folly Beach and loving every minute of having me there with them.

But Charleston wasn't the only seafood stop on the menu. Well before we crossed the South Carolina line, we had an amazing, lingering, two-wine-bottles-later lunch with old friends at The Pink House in Savannah. Sitting outside, I was able to take it all in with them, and even though Mom kept her deep fried lobster tail to herself, I still had my way with a few other sneaky bites of scraps.

Dog-friendly travel is the way to go for our Candy's Land crew. Charleston and Savannah remain the belles of the South for a little ol' mutt like me!

First Friday: the Ultimate Dance Party of Community

Last night was First Friday in downtown Macon, and as many of you who saw me, I was very much a part of it. First, the Candy's Land crew visited the Gallery of Macon Arts for the latest exhibit opening. Even I got to be a part of the fun as Mom - and even Shuga D - carried me around in the pink polka-dot carrier as they sipped wine, laughed and caught up with friends (and even family!) and admired the work of the artists.

We then made a visit at the Yappy Hour silent auction fundraiser next door to the Rookery to support our local shelter animal advocates, Central Georgia C.A.R.E.S. We are not sure what we ended up with just yet . . . but Mom did make a bid on another fashionable carrier pour moi.

After that, it was dinner at Lemongrass before deciding that it was best to make an early night and head home. But when Mom and Shuga D stepped out of the Cherry Street Thai restaurant, to what did their wondering eyes but appear?

Dancing in the street!!

A full-scale, real deal deejay with the entire set-up was spinning dance tunes on the sidewalk just outside the Hummingbird.

So just who were these crazy folks cutting a rug on the concrete? They were young, old, black and white. They were fun-seekers, local professionals, movers and definitely shakers. Mom and Shuga, who thought they were tired and going home, looked at each other and started to boogie. Joining them was the Kool and the Gang - the mother-daughter dynamo team of Ruth and Ellis Ann Sykes. Before they knew it, they looked over and saw Mayor Reichert doing the funky chicken. It was like someone had spiked everyone's drink with a First Friday groove potion.

Among the crowd was an older African American gentleman who said it was his first First Friday. He kept apologizing to those who would listen . . . but what he didn't realize is he was paying a compliment. "I'm normally not like this," he said in between dance moves. "But I've had a couple of drinks, and I am having such a good time!" We never got his name - but I sure hope to see him again.

Last night couldn't have come at a better time for Mom who spent a day gritting her teeth and shaking her head over the word "perception." How do you respond to those who think downtown is dangerous? How do you get through to those who are wearing blinders of ignorance? How do you even begin to force someone to see the beauty of diversity?

Answer: You don't. You tell them to get the hell out of the way as you make your way through the crowd, grab a partner, dance on the street and don't feel guilty they are missing the fun.

All Dressed Up

The indie rocker in all of us would never be caught dead at the Red Lobster or Olive Garden in the middle of Times Square. So, Mom, asked herself, why should she go spend her hard-earned dollars at her usual chain clothing suspects when she should be supporting the hard-fought indie business owners of downtown Macon?

In honor of First Friday and the $100 bill burning a hole in her purse, she did just that. First, she bought a little feminine flannel (who knew?!) something-something at Ginger Michelle. Then she took her cowgirls boots walking just down the block to Cotton Avenue where she found this pretty paisley seventies-but-still-stylin' frock at Treasure Vintage.

She wore the Ginger dress last night for all the First Friday festivities. And she is saving the other for a fun day at the office.

Even after she threw down some cash at two of downtown Macon's most stylish retailers, she still had enough left of her Benjamin to make a donation to Central Georgia C.A.R.E.S. last night for Yappy Hour AND grab the dinner tab at Lemongrass.

Talk about all dressed up with plenty of places to go.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Howlll Could I Forget??

This First Friday is also the return of the annual Yappy Hour event. This year's benefit takes place at the Rookery. Dogs are encouraged and invited (on leashes, of course), and it's a $10 admission to the silent auction. All proceeds benefit the Macon Animal Control shelter through Central Georgia C.A.R.E.S. who will purchase “pallets” for the pound kennels, i.e. cement cages with drains. The pallets will allow the animals a clean and dry place to rest their weary souls instead of the cold and wet concrete.

My bud AC Pup will be there, and I will definitely try to make an appearance.

The silent auction is a great way to get the holiday shopping going with unique and local gifts for good reasons. Last year, Shuga D bought me my polka-dot carrier at Yappy Hour. You know, I was once one of those pound pups . . . now look at me and my cozy life! Dreams do come true. Make it happen for the animals in need this First Friday around 6 p.m.

First Friday and Second Sunday in One Weekend!

Where else but Macon can you have First Friday AND Second Sunday in the same weekend? Just makes us love November even more. So what are our picks for the weekend forecast?

On First Friday, expect to find Mom and Shuga D front row and center at the Gallery at Macon Arts. Mom's BFF (and recent former boss) David Canady will be showcasing his artwork in his first ever exhibit, called "Reflections," from 5 to 8 p.m. Mom has watched DC's art grow from an abstract painting of her hair-do to abstract masterpieces. She's loaned her two cents from time to time, but almost everytime, he could count on her saying how much she loved it when he showed her his latest painting. As a publisher and print pro, DC has an eye for design that re-defines color schemes and provokes some serious thought . . . even without the printed word even being present. Mom is going to be as proud as a peacock to see his work hanging on a real deal gallery's walls - maybe he'll give her a former employee discount!

On Second Sunday, you can expect Mom helping set up Washington Park for Second Sunday. Shane Bridges and Molly Stevens are this month's feature performers. The temps will be just right for a fall afternoon amongst friends with a bloody mary, mimosa or just about any virgin cocktail in hand. Mom is excited that the College Hill Alliance is partnering with Michael's on Mulberry so that the $5 take-out box brunches are being served in eco-friendly containers!

Pictured is one of DC's works of art, titled "Maze."

Take in the weekend and be a part of the real fun.


Candy Lou

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to Candy's Land, Kazi!

Mom received two licks of love from two very special pups this Tuesday. First off, remember the black puppy we found and trying to reunite? Well, no owner ever stepped forward, despite Mom pulling out all of the stops on stop signs, Craigslist, the newspaper, etc. So, thanks to the College Hill Alliance intern DJ Nasty (Daniel Groce), the lost pup found a loving home. Today, his new mom Carly brought "Todd" by Mom's office for a a visit, where he galloped to Mom and laid a big kiss of thanks on her. Todd is already sitting and staying - Mom has such an eye for us talented mutts!

And rewind back to Sunday when Mom and Shuga D were doing some pet-shopping at Petsmart. All About Animals had their adoptable dogs out front, and that's when Mom locked eyes with a soulful, one-blue-eye pitbull and immediately thought of her former boss (and forever friend) Brad Evans . . . the two of them looked like the perfect "Mutt and Jeff" pair - tough teddy bears with hearts of gold underneath the battle scars. Sure enough, Kazi came home today. He is now living it up in the loft space of Brad and Meagan, along with their other rescue pups Bandito and Lulu (who Mom also suckered Brad into). Sure enough, Mom got kiss number two from Kazi this afternoon.

Just another reason to be a hero and rescue your next pet.