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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to Candy's Land, Kazi!

Mom received two licks of love from two very special pups this Tuesday. First off, remember the black puppy we found and trying to reunite? Well, no owner ever stepped forward, despite Mom pulling out all of the stops on stop signs, Craigslist, the newspaper, etc. So, thanks to the College Hill Alliance intern DJ Nasty (Daniel Groce), the lost pup found a loving home. Today, his new mom Carly brought "Todd" by Mom's office for a a visit, where he galloped to Mom and laid a big kiss of thanks on her. Todd is already sitting and staying - Mom has such an eye for us talented mutts!

And rewind back to Sunday when Mom and Shuga D were doing some pet-shopping at Petsmart. All About Animals had their adoptable dogs out front, and that's when Mom locked eyes with a soulful, one-blue-eye pitbull and immediately thought of her former boss (and forever friend) Brad Evans . . . the two of them looked like the perfect "Mutt and Jeff" pair - tough teddy bears with hearts of gold underneath the battle scars. Sure enough, Kazi came home today. He is now living it up in the loft space of Brad and Meagan, along with their other rescue pups Bandito and Lulu (who Mom also suckered Brad into). Sure enough, Mom got kiss number two from Kazi this afternoon.

Just another reason to be a hero and rescue your next pet.

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