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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Since We're Feeling Spooky, Let's Have a Kookie!

Today Mom was amongst community members rocking out to the CVB's new promotional video at their Annual Meeting. At her table was Lisa Love, executive director of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame (and the one who gave Mom her first real job). Lisa told Mom that she had to stop by the Georgia Music Hall of Fame gift shop on the way home and pick up dog biscuits for us mutts in Candy's Land.

Dog biscuits at the GMHF?! That's right. The B-52's frontman Fred Schneider has created his own pup treat line. His "Kookies" have gone to the dogs at the GMHF, and the best part of it all? ALL (100%!!!) proceeds from the sale of Kookies at the GMHF go to sustaining our cherished state music museum.

Flying sauces, alien heads and rockets are the shapes. Ingredients are natural and simple peanut butter, whole wheat flour, yogurt and rolled oats. That means you can eat them . . . if you're kooky and feeling spooky like the Rolybots' Justin Smith ;-)

We're loving Fred's Kookies here in Candy's Land. Much more than the time Mom had to fulfill the B-52's backstage rider in 2001 when she was searching all over Macon for organic goat cheese, organic roasted pumpkin seeds and organic veggie trays with spinach that better not be served on plastic . . . She's still scarred.

Rock (Lobster) on,

Candy Lou

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