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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Un Petit Package

Sometimes, it's just the simplest of gestures that can warm a heart and ease an exhausting (rainy) day. Lately, Mom has been so busy that opening her mail has been at the lowest of priorities. But today, amongst the envelopes that needed opening, the magazines that need stockpiling and the junk mail that needs a shredder, there sat a tiny package.

It was from Mom's Aunt Fran, whose Lanier blood runs deep alongside her niece's, as they share the same passion for writing, animal loving and fellow Francophiling (i.e. love of all things French). Aunt Fran has a way of bestowing Mom the most special of treasures - the infamous 1920's parasol Mom sometimes carries to protect her fair skin, a collection of French children's literature, art, vintage postcards and anecdotes of life with animals, that range from obsessive compulsive chihuahuas to stray cats to fat goats named Butterbean.

So, even though after a long day and a brained drained, Mom opened the package. And in it, she found a vintage fleur-de-lis broach, a sachet of lavender and a precious, heartfelt card.

Just like say in all the fancy lotions and bubble baths, the scent of lavender is calming. Mom took in a deep breath of the beautiful scent, her heart swelled and sure enough, she relaxed.

It was truly the truest of gestures.

Merci beaucoup from the bottom of ma couer, ma chere Aunte Fran!

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