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Friday, October 9, 2009

Since it's Halloween and All . . .

Let's be scared of the true things that go bump in the night . . . or the AM, as in morning or radio station.

Mom is on deadline as editor of the next issue of Houston County Magazine. During the making of this issue, she attended a photo shoot - and a funeral - of the late Mayor of Warner Robins, Donald Walker.

While she paid her respects, there was a town crier who was twisting the knife into the gut of a community of family in friends in mourning.

Why, Mom and others ask, will those who give him the time of day realize this guy is no more of a showboat than "Speidi's" Spencer Pratt? When will they realize that this is a dude who will given his left acorn to live up to his shock jock fantasies? Who has his full intentions and stars in his eyes set on using our community as a stepping stone to a bigger market? And he has no fear or soul of leaving me and you behind, still smoldering, in the process?

If only Sherman and the Wicked Witch had a love child, they could have baptized him Chris Krok and it would all make sense (if that is his 'Chris'tian name) . . . But just like any "righteous" man who doth protest too much, the howls of his own skeletons stuffed in his Houston County closet are becoming more audible every day.

Stay tuned,

Candy Lou

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  1. Good for you, Jessica! Don't hold back...tell it like it is. You are so very correct!