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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can I get an Amen for Second Sunday?

What a way to end a weekend! Mom and I were among the hundreds today enjoying a little jazz and soulful fellowship under a big blue sky in Washington Park. Thanks to all who came out and supported the growing tradition in the College Hill Corridor.

In addition to the kids getting together and splashing in the park, us pets are just as much of the mainstays - especially those of us who have grown to be BFFs through this fun, free event. Shout out to my little mini-me buddy Niles! And yes, people, my Mom was seen neglecting me as she walked around cradling one of Jeff Davis' piglets and whispering to it sweet nothings. It looks like her Fern-fantasies just may come true.

And by the way, thanks to all who made my day by saying, "That's the dog with the blog!" as I ran amok in the park.

Stay tuned for the next show. Next month. Same place. Same Sunday.

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