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Sunday, October 31, 2010

October was a Graveyard Smash

Mom and Shuga D had a lovely, lazy day laying low after the busiest October on record for both of them. For Shuga, it was the Christmas orders of Crown Candy candy needing to be shipped out across the country. For Mom, it was going from 1940's Spirit at Riverside Cemetery to 1980's zombie in downtown Macon's Thriller dance. She also judged the pet costume contest at the dog park, filmed a Save the Halls video PSA to air soon and still managed to make her zombie call time - all in one day. They both look forward to a much needed laid-back November.

We just handed out boxes of Crown Candy Peanut and Cashew Clusters to a big group of College Hill Corridor trick-or-treaters whose parents score serious points for showing their kids that every once in a while, there are some things worth rebelling for (such as keeping Halloween true to its date, even on a Sunday).

I met them at the door dressed like the little stinker that I am.

Happy Halloween from Candy's Land!

Monday, October 25, 2010

She Tricked me with a Treat

So, it's obvious by the way we're loved that Mom invests all of her maternal instincts into us mutts here in Candy's Land. And as much as Mom knows it just ain't right, she loves to dress up her kids . . . especially me. You've seen the Christmas sweaters. Now, in honor of all of the pets out there who are subjected to no-say-so in trick-or-treating, this video of last year's "Biker Babe" costume choice is dedicated to you.

Let's just say a sweet thing like me was never cut out for cut-off denim.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Now Showing at a Cemetery Near You

And we thought the fall meant a break in our break-neck schedules. Who were we kidding? Mom may not be able to stop the hands of time, but she manages to rewind them this month. She is currently "on tour" as Rebecca Smalling in Riverside Cemetery's Spirits in October Walking Tour.

The one-hour twilight tours take you through the historic cemetery and introduces you to some of the spirits and stories of Macon's haunting and compelling past. The tours take place during the remaining Thursday, Friday and Saturdays of October. In addition to Mom playing Rebecca, sister of Naval war hero Hugh Smalling, there is a witness to Macon's plane crash on Cherry Street, little Mabel White, a trickster teacher, a freed slave, an eccentric travel journalist, a Civil War soldier, the "Miracle Man of the Diamond," a Sister of Mercy, the first licensed female mortician in Georgia and the questionable Chester Burge.

Now, this is a big break from Mom's normal speaking parts, which up until now, have consisted of PR Presentations and marketing stump speeches (playing herself, of course). To actually have to "act" was never something she considered. But put her in a vintage 40s dress, a swanky hat and a pair of white gloves, and suddenly it wasn't to hard to be someone else.

Of course, Shuga D has been her cheerleader and acting coach through it all. Today, her new 1940s persona swooned when a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived with his sweet note. What a gentleman, that Shuga D. You would think he was from another time.

Pictured is Mom in costume as Rebecca with her brother Hugh played by Anthony Ennis.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Move Over Snoop, Here is the Real Dog Pound

That Shuga is always sharing with Mom the cliff notes of the TIME magazine he just devoured - and it's not always the good, bad and ugly world news bits. Sometimes, it takes TIME to know the hippest and latest. Like this music video from the band OK Go, created in one take with all rescue pups (like me and my brother and sister mutts!). You gotta love something you can feel the beat to while raising awareness on pet adoption. Bow-wow-wow-yippee-yo . . . you get it.