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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Month Ago

It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated. We danced. We ate, drank and got married. One month has flown by, and we're still over the moon. This is the first of several wedding day photos by the amazing Maryann Bates, which we're so excited to share. This one was taken in the backyard of our home, before the wedding . . . yes, we snuck in a couple of kisses before the altar.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day from the J-Dubs

In honor of family, friends and fallen heroes, here's a good one from one of our favorites we've been lucky to catch live.

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Scenes from the Celebration

Here are a few more from Leah of Jubee & the Morning After rocking the night away at the rehearsal party. Also included is the scene from the legendary Grant's Lounge stage when Jessica's dad spoke about family history - then, now and forever.

This Thank You Sponsored by Jubee & the Morning After

Jessica's column was published in the Telegraph today, which she dedicated to thanking the best darn rap, rock and soul band to have come our way - and hopefully sky rocket further.

To read the article, click HERE.

We were grateful to have our friend / photo extraordinaire Leah Yetter back in Macon from the wild lands of Wyoming for the celebration (check out her amazing blog Uprooted Magnolia). And even though she's got a way with the great outdoors lately, that's her amazing shot of Macon's own wildlife, Jubee and the Morning After, killing it on the Grant's Lounge stage at our rehearsal party.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Magical Walk

Another shot our friend Russ sent to us. This is an artistic take on Jessica's walk down the Cox Capitol Theatre aisle to the peak of "Try a Little Tenderness" as sung by Otis Redding. The only way to describe that very moment is by this photo - it was an out-of-body experience for sure!

When a Man Loves a Woman

And a woman loves a man . . . they dance like nobody is watching and soak in with awe just how sacred those vows just given will be for the rest of our lives. Thanks to friend and photographer Russ Loyd for capturing this tender moment, which took place immediately after we were pronounced husband and wife. Thanks to T-Bird and the Breaks for learning "When a Man Loves a Woman" and doing an amazing version with all the right soul. This song was Jessica's family's first number one single back in the day when Percy Sledge made his rhythm and blues debut. It's swooned the hearts of everyone, all over the world, ever since. It's now another first in our family history - the first dance to the rest of our lives.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Long List of Thank You's

We're going to be writing well-crafted handwritten notes well into our first anniversary! So since it may take some time to get to the bottom of the pile, know that we remain extremely humbled and completely bulldozered (like in a Love Tractor-kind-of-way!) for the generosity and kindness shown to us. The bride is having fun opening the presents; the groom is planning to build the first ever fort crafted from Tiffany boxes. Until then, we've still got some posts coming your way, in between writing thank you notes, of course.

Love and gratitude,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just a Few of our Favorite Things

Check them all out at our friend Dylan York's Facebook page "Trashed and 'Stached."

About Last Night

Words really can't describe. Gratitude only begins it. Our cup runneth over is an under-statement. Epic was used a lot. So we'll start by saying thank you, from the deepest depths of our hearts. You didn't have to love us like you did, but you did, but you did. And I (we) thank you.

Our friends, family and city are the absolute best of the best.

Rock on. Forever.


(photo by John Griffin)

The Video

The video that played before the vows is here!! We can't thank enough our friend, who is no stranger to this blog, the wonderful "Bright Blue" Stephanie Shadden. She put together our montage in less than 48 hours after returning from a cross-country road trip. For those who were at the wedding, you saw this on the big screen before we made it official. Thanks for loving it as much as we did . . . and laughing and clapping along the way.

Hold on,