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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Candy Alert!

It's no secret that Mom is a sucker for a stray. But we're all pretty certain here in Candy's Land that the pup she found today on Clisby Place is no hobo, but a very well-loved pet that wondered from his home.

Mom and her "jolie amie" Jackie, who was in town for a visit, found the little guy at a dangerous intersection in Mom's neighborhood this afternoon. He's wearing a collar (no tag) and smells like he just had a fresh bath. There is no doubt in Mom's mind that he is a case of wrong place, right time for them to come across him and keep him safe until he is reunited. If you have any clue to the little dude we're calling Jack Black (or J.B.) for now, please send me a Candygram at

And remember, Candy Lou loves you!

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