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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Friday and Second Sunday in One Weekend!

Where else but Macon can you have First Friday AND Second Sunday in the same weekend? Just makes us love November even more. So what are our picks for the weekend forecast?

On First Friday, expect to find Mom and Shuga D front row and center at the Gallery at Macon Arts. Mom's BFF (and recent former boss) David Canady will be showcasing his artwork in his first ever exhibit, called "Reflections," from 5 to 8 p.m. Mom has watched DC's art grow from an abstract painting of her hair-do to abstract masterpieces. She's loaned her two cents from time to time, but almost everytime, he could count on her saying how much she loved it when he showed her his latest painting. As a publisher and print pro, DC has an eye for design that re-defines color schemes and provokes some serious thought . . . even without the printed word even being present. Mom is going to be as proud as a peacock to see his work hanging on a real deal gallery's walls - maybe he'll give her a former employee discount!

On Second Sunday, you can expect Mom helping set up Washington Park for Second Sunday. Shane Bridges and Molly Stevens are this month's feature performers. The temps will be just right for a fall afternoon amongst friends with a bloody mary, mimosa or just about any virgin cocktail in hand. Mom is excited that the College Hill Alliance is partnering with Michael's on Mulberry so that the $5 take-out box brunches are being served in eco-friendly containers!

Pictured is one of DC's works of art, titled "Maze."

Take in the weekend and be a part of the real fun.


Candy Lou

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