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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a Purse! No, it's a Travel Case!

We have to admit, we're some spoiled grand-dogs here in Candy's Land. Anytime we get in the reach of Mom's Pop Walden, expect lots of people food, belly rubs and baby talk. And then there are the gifts. We love gifts.

Little brother Boz Waggs is checking out the latest. It appears to be a patent leather paw purse. But flip the lock and find two fine travel bowls inside. Check me out as I check them out . . . I'm a dog who can blog and read, immediately sniffing the "Eat" side.

So, is Pop Walden trying to hint to Mom that he would rather us travel first class than stay with him next time they need a sitter? Naaaah! After all, our granddaddy is first class all the way.

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