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Sunday, April 11, 2010

From the East to the West

Suitcases are being packed and that means only one thing - we're getting another super sitter and Mom and Shuga D are off on another adventure. This time they are showing some sister love with a trip out West to give both of their siblings a big hug.

First, they go to see Georgie Girl and her drummer man Scott. G.G. has been an L.A. Woman for over a year now . . . and it's been that long since the sisters have seen each other. Mom's to-do's include long-awaited Pinkberry, a panty raid at Trashy Lingerie and who knows what else when nightlife comes alive.

Then it's Mom and Shuga D going 310 to Yuma. They've decided to opt out of a shuttle flight and take the scenic route from L.A. to Arizona, where Shuga's sister and her family will be waiting in Tuscon. Mom and Shuga are extremely excited to hold their newborn niece Olive Jean in their arms and give nephew Jackson big props for being an awesome big brother.

They'll be leaving on a Phoenix jet plane after seven real days in the wild west. Neither of them have been on a vacation like this in quite some time. So, check the Macon Candy Twitter page (or look for the feed to the left of this page) as Mom does her best to update us on their adventures.

Until then, in honor of the trip, pop a pill and put on your best Neely O'Hara (we'll miss you Spiro!) for Mom's favorite movie trailer, Hollywood's Valley of the Dolls:

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