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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time for Another Macon Candy Make-Over!

It's time for another change to First came love. Then came marriage. And we've totally been pushing the baby carriage for nearly two years now -- two years!! Now it's time to see a little bit of it all, from happenings and antics of our dear, sweet city of Macon to a marriage that is now five years in the making (come this weekend!) to life on the seat of our training pants as we move on from newborn baby boy to straight-up toddler dude. Thank you for being patient and for being part of the journey. It is here at Macon Candy that you will continue to find the best of all of our worlds.

So, kicking things off, here are the highlights on my radar this week. What about yours?

Monday: Participating in a community discussion panel hosted by our local Junior League. Topic is servant leadership, and the guide for discussion is Robert Greenleaf's Servant Leadership: A Journey into the Nature and Legitimate Power of Greatness.   

Wednesday: Going to see the Alabama Shakes live in Athens, Georgia with Bright Blue (Stephanie) and Texas T (Tabitha). Remember them from the original Macon Candy? Yep, we're still having fun!

Thursday: Five year anniversary celebration is ON in Charleston, SC! We're packing a baby-sitter, and Jamie grabbed us reservations at Husk!

This also means I'll be trying to fit a 40+ hour week into about three days. That desk I am coming from in the picture above is mine - all mine - as in, I now have my own office, and my own gig these days, too. More on my latest career ventures later. Looking forward to catching up in Macon Candy's land!


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  6. Jessica, where are the new posts? It's been a while :)