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Saturday, September 12, 2015

About That Breastfeeding

After one year, a couple of months, and even a kidney stone, I finally put up the "Out of Business" sign on ye ol' mama's milk-making shop. And it just about broke my heart in two. I had full intentions to milk it for all its worth, at least until Walden entered two. But just like that, he lost interest and the raging flow eventually trickled out to baby oblivion. Who knew breastfeeding and I would get along so well? I'm truly going to miss it, its moments and even the hard work that was involved.

By breastfeeding, I discovered a ferocious new passion in this life + baby. And in case you missed it, last month I found my voice in the #normalizebreastfeeding battle cry thanks to the fab femmes at In Fine Feather Blog.

In Fine Feather is a stunning, easy-on-the-eyes blog focused on holistic, healthy and homegrown wellness. Its creators are Tess Harper, a dear friend and former colleague of mine, and her bestie Haley Sheffield, an artist extraordinaire, who've I've always wanted to meet on the other side of the lens.  

With August being Breastfeeding Awareness Month, they allowed me the platform to open my heart on this matter and get a few things off my chest . . . Including the opportunity to capture breastfeeding's sacred moments in the act. Now, when I miss it the most, I have the portraits Haley shot to keep close to my heart. 

Click HERE to read my guest blog post on the "Art and Acceptance of Breastfeeding." And be sure to check out the entire beautiful blog, which includes a fantastic interview with my favorite prenatal yoga instructor and muscle relaxer (ha!) Mandy Miller

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