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Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday Night Rehearsal Party - It's On!

We are so stoked to introduce one of our favorite local acts to our visiting Macon guests. There is no better way to show off our city than to show off the contenders of the local music scene. These gentlemen our friends, and we're proud to say we're their fans, too. Please put your hands up for Macon's own Jubee & the Morning After, performing at the historic Grant's Lounge the night before our wedding!

Check out the video shot off the cuff this weekend in one of our downtown alleyways. And then check out their current music video, also shot on location in beautiful downtown Macon. Just remember, you get to say you saw them then. Friends of the groom, you might want to break out that old taping equipment . . .

p.s. This message was sponsored by the Bride, who is sponsored by Jubee and the Morning After ;-)

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