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Monday, March 14, 2011

Something Else to Sing About!

Even though we're busy with the wedding, work duties still call . . . Good thing duties include awesome concerts like this one by Romantica at yesterday's Second Sunday Brunch in Washington Park, just a stone's throw from our house. Jessica's office of the College Hill Alliance puts on this monthly concert as part of their role in Macon's downtown development efforts. Maid of honor Sarah got this concert series going just over two years ago. Best man David helps Jessica with booking the bands and taking good care of them while they are here. Bradsmaid Brad has also helped promote the concert from the beginning. And Jamie remains the number one volunteer. If the weather yesterday was any indication, we're in for a beautiful spring.


  1. Jessica,

    Great blog! We've never met (I don't think) but I grew up in Macon and new Jamie when I was young and we reconnected when I lived in Charleston in the late '90s.

    Living in Austin TX now, I get back to Macon once or twice a year, so I love getting a flavor for the town via your blog. Love the Gram Parsons tribute in the video. Fellow Macon ex-pat Russ Loyd tipped me to the blog and I've enjoyed keeping up.

    Anyway, congratulations to you and Jamie (an an extra tip of the hat to Jamie, who has clearly out-kicked his coverage by landing you). Cheers to you both!


  2. Tommy - what a great note! Jamie and I want to make a trip to Austin soon. We must meet up when we finally do. Thanks for the kind words. We're having a good time in Macon, GA.