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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cordially En Route

Check your mailbox over the next couple of days because invites were mailed this week. Thanks to Jessica's cousin and co-hort Jody Judd and Judd Mailing Services for helping us get the invites out. With 450 addresses, our penmanship would never have been able to keep up!

Extra special thanks to Jessica's dear friend, mentor and former colleague (he hates it when she says "boss") David Canady, president of Imedia Group, for giving us the gift of print in honor of our union. Not only did David gently nudge Jessica in Jamie's direction in the beginning, but he took special care in creating and printing the invites to the day we have all been waiting for.

David enlisted his expert artist-in-residence, graphic designer Susie Allen to bring the look we wanted to life. Thanks to you all for getting the party officially started!


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