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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Setting the Bar

When Mom was a little lass, she never had a blankie. Or a binkie. Or any stuffed, tattered and ears chewed/eyeball missing, moldy what-not she hauled around for extra security. But she did have imaginary friends . . . Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Spanky, Darla, Froggy, Stymie, Butch, Fatima – you get the theme here.

On Saturday, the Bring Your Blankets movement is doing it again at the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom. Bring either five canned goods or make at least a $7 donation at the door, and it all goes to Macon’s Loaves and Fishes. The good-for-your-soul fun starts at 4 p.m. with a back porch beach party that will have the grill fired up and frozen drinks churning. The music starts at 7 p.m. and features some of the heavy-hitters of Macon’s music scene: Citizen Insane, Oh Dorian and City Council. Mom and Shuga D were cranking City Council last night. And Oh Dorian (Heather Kemp) recently cut a demo of “Buttercup” in Mom’s parlor room on her infamous Otis piano. Even in its roughest draft on an out-of-tune piano, Heather’s song struck all the right chords.

There will also be a $5 bar tab raffle with first prize taking $500 (everyone gets a round!), $250 for second (can I buy you a drink or three?) and $125 for third (hit me again, bartender). The money made from the raffle will also be donated to Loaves and Fishes. You don’t even have to be present to win.

So Mom might not actually be bringing a blanket, but she will save a seat for Alfalfa.

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