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Monday, April 20, 2009

P.S. Penny for Your Thoughts

We're not the only ones getting our fur fluffed over the CVB sucker-punch. The email below has circulated to CVBs from Lubbock, Texas to Norman, Oklahoma. It was authored by Berkely Young, a research partner with Judy Randall, of Randall Travel Marketing fame:

Just so you don't think you are the only ones with political challenges in your community...This is an editorial from Macon, GA. It was written by City Council person who is in his first term.

Recently the City proposed a 1% increase in bed tax to fund local museums. The CVB
President opposed the tax because it was not in keeping with statewide funding guidelines that prohibit such uses of bed tax dollars. So now the CVB pays for standing up on principle. This is the challenge of public leadership.

As a CVB/community leader, you must continually deliver solid return on investment for your community while taking shots from others who want your money for other purposes. Don't take it personally, it's politics and it always will be. Stick to your plan and focus on driving increased economic impact for your community and make sure that those who support just that!

Berkeley W. Young
Young Strategies, Inc.

Even though Mom supported the potential of the penny tax, she doesn't believe the CVB deserves potshots for doing their job, and doing it well. So, Macon-Bibb CVB, Candy Lou Loves You!

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