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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dedicated to the Underdogs of the World

Mom is among the tear-induced tissue tokers whose day was made by Susan Boyle. After reading the Plum-esque writings of Lil’ Miss Bibb (Ashley Smith) paying a heartfelt tribute to Dame Boyle in the recent Toast of the Town, she immediately looked a sister up. Within minutes, there wasn’t a dry blue eye to be found.

Mom has seen some of the greatest musical talent go unnoticed in today’s relentless industry. And heaven knows, we’ve both been underdogs a time in our life or two. Mom was the shy, skinny-legged, awkward girl who even though she couldn’t run worth a flip, tried her best to keep up with the pack. Luckily, the day came when she grew up, gained her confidence an
d was recently classified as one of the four “outgoing” yellow personalities in her Leadership Macon class. These days she doesn’t follow the pack . . . or even travel in one. Life in Candy’s Land is about forging your own march to a much more independent drum. And life couldn’t be sweeter. So here’s to all of us underdogs of the world. Sing your heart of gold out!

Pictured is young
Mom, Granddaddy Alan and St. Bandit Walden (RIP) in Washington Park, circa late eighties.

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