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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kiss Me Baby on an Easter Sunday

Mom and Shuga D were a bit Easter-orphaned this year. With Mom's two little brothers hunting eggs in the foothills of Tennessee and the Florida beach, respectively, and with Shuga's little nephew not arriving until next week, Easter Sunday just wasn't the same without the pitter-patter of sugar-buzzed bunnies. However, even though I'm still not much company with a cone around my head, Mom and Shuga D spent their day discovering these golden eggs:

1. Sunday Service at Centenary Church: Traditional hymns sung amongst Grateful Dead and Pete Townshend diddies under a steeple shared by all was an opportunity to witness the Resurrection alive and well.

2. Brunch at Luigi's: There was a special menu for this special Sunday, but other than ordering a Bloody Mary and Mimosa, they opted for menu mainstay tuna steak with spinach and mashed potatoes side. Mom had declared it one of her favorite plates in town - especially since it's a deal at under $13.

3. Riding through the country with the top down: Shuga just happened to score a convertible for the day. The weather was near perfect, so they cruised around the sticks of Dry Branch, saw turkey and agile three-legged doe and found a sign that seems to be sent from above.

4. Margaritas before Milkshakes: Actually, it was a raspberry margarita from El Azteca before a scoop of Jamocha Almond Fudge from Baskin-Robbins. Both sweet deals with outdoor seating.

5. Sunset drive home: Mom's convinced there is no better place to be on a Sunday evening, and considering that's where I was waiting for her, I agree.

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