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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girls’ Night Out, Shuemu-Style

Remember when Salt n’ Peppa taught the ladies how to Shoop? Well, for whatever reason, Mom can’t get it out of her head when she puts the Shu Uemura shampoo on it.

She admits it’s a splurge. But there is a reason Shu Uemura is the Bentley of the bathtub. This stuff is good . . . In fact, it downright spoils your hair follicles rotten – an ultra-clean, glossy, smell-fantastic, body-building kind of rotten. It’s a hallelujah for the hair. Their shampoo is champagne. Their conditioner is caviar. And their hairspray? Yes, hairspray, something that makes Mom back away faster than pepper spray. The Shu Uemura hairspray shouldn’t even be classified as such. It is the holy grail of good, natural hold. And it’s been a BFF during those April showers.

Vineville Spa and Salon is hosting a Girls’ Night Out this Thursday from 5-9 p.m. They’ll be serving Plum Spritzers alongside make-up consultations, microderm spot treatments, hand re-surfacing and, with an appointment, a Shu Uemura Ceremony Treatment. Call 478.742.3322 to set up your appointment for you and a friend or just drop-in to enjoy the night out.

Shoop, shoop, ba-doop, shoop, ba-doop . . .

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