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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things That Make You Go Grrr: Hall and Votes, An Update

Mom has been so busy engrossed (and sometimes grossed out) by my car scars, that she hasn’t had a chance to follow up on the penny tax vote that was the potential saving grace for keeping the Georgia Music and Sports Halls of Fame secure in Macon. As most already know, it didn’t pass. So, will this be the end of the Halls in Macon? Mom hears rumors of contingency plans in place for at least the GMHF. It’s now a wonder of who will come to the table with the lifesaver. Macon can’t agree on rallying behind them. So will Athens open its arms? A short time will tell. In the meantime, here is State Senator Robert Brown’s unedited response to Granddaddy 2003 GMHF Inductee Alan Walden:


I assure you these Halls of Fame will not move because of a vote for or against the Hotel/Motel tax this year. Unfortunately, some weak and inexperienced leaders at the state and local level panicked in response to an idle threat from a few politicians who flippantly suggested that the Music and Sports Halls of Fame should be moved to Atlanta. There is no proposed or existing statue, administrative rule or budget item that gives authority to move these Halls of Fame. You should also know, the 4-way split would have provided state dollars for a feasibility study/plan that would have been used by our friend Congressman Marshall to acquire federal funds for the amphitheater and stadium. (As is so often the case, the myopic vision of narrow minded leaders lost sight of this significant fact.) I hope you will convey these facts to our many friends.

I look forward to meeting you for lunch after the session to discuss ways we can help Macon.

Robert Brown

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  1. I don't think Macon deserves the Hall of Fames. Electing leaders that put themselves ahead of the people that elected them is just plain wrong. When you play chicken, some one can get hurt, and this time it was us.