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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Monthlies Are Back on Schedule

Red and black bowling shirt - check. Basket of fried mushrooms - check, check. Pitcher of PBR - check, check, check. Bring in the craziest group of ladies who vary in age, profession, style, substance and everything in between. And what's the one thing they've all got in common? Balls.

They don't ALWAYS bowl a 180-something. But you can SPOT them a mile away. They know how to MAXImize their fun potential. Or Be on their best behavior when alley etiquette is required. Main thing is go with the FLO through the game, good or fabulously bad, and make it to the margaritas at Polly's La Mesa afterwards.

Welcome to the world of the Monthlies. And meet Earl. He goes home with the winner.

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