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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Scene of the Crime

I didn’t even recognize Mom after she gussied up for the White Trash Party held at the SoChi Gallery on Friday, April 10. From what I heard, there weren’t too many who did, at least at first, when she sashayed her way around the pork skins, spray cheese and killer tunes, that included everything from play-me-some-Skynyrd to pour-some-sugar-on-me beats. Mom reported with sheepish glee that she made the top five finalists in the “best dressed” contest . . . whether that’s a source of pride, my jury is still out.

Shuga D was under the weather, so he was glad to know Mom had the vigilante protection of Appletini and Floco Torres flanking her bleachey-haired, Bambi shirt, scrap of a skirt, ripped-pantyhose and bikini-and boot-sportin’ sides. Bright Blue, Texas T and Just Jill were also there, and like Mom, truly a sight for sore eyes. If you want to know where parts of their trashtastic ensembles came from, look no further than the 89-cent Beauty Store on Mercer University Drive.

The day after the party, Mom’s dressing room looked liked the insides of a trailer after a meth explosion. Not a lick of evidence was touched before these pics were taken. It doesn’t get any trashier than this.

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