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Monday, April 13, 2009

Grits are Groceries, but Cupcakes are Forever

Texas T turned 31 on Saturday, so the Little Creative Crew (LCC) got together for a laidback evening of wieners and Wii at the spring-tuned Dunwody (Appletini and Boots) abode. But even low-key, there is never not a jaw-dropping moment with the LCC. The surprise of the evening came when Texas T was coaxed into the dining room for the big reveal . . . Where there stood Mark Ballard behind the candle glowing tower of his blissful birthday cupcakes, homemade especially for her. Yes, Mark Ballard’s cupcakes may be the way to just about any sweet-tooth’s heart. But if there was ever a recipe for such a sweet gesture, Mark knows it well and baked it into every lovely bite. It’s amazing what simple swirl of icing can do for the soul! Macon needs a Ballard Bakery. Mom says the cupcakes alone could boost Macon’s economic development because they are better than Magnolia and less baggage than Manhattan!

Since it was a covered-dish affair, Mom cooked up a pot of Texas T’s Chili-Cheese Grits. Here is the basic premise:


Chicken Broth

Can of Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese

2 cans of diced chilies

Small container of sour cream

½ stick of butter

Pack of shredded Monterey Jack cheese

Chili powder

Salt and Pepper

Cook grits according to directions (4-8 servings). Mom mixed 50/50 chicken broth and water to get it started. When the juice came to a boil, she liberally salted before stirring in grits. As the grits came together, she stirred in ½ stick of butter, can of cheese and two cans of diced chilies, juice and all. Once the cooking was done, she stirred in the entire container of sour cream, the entire pack of cheese and a hearty shake of chili powder and pepper. This was low fat in no way, but grits are so messy to cook, than when Mom does, she goes all out. She made eight servings, so there’s a heap of leftovers, which she looks forward to later frying into grits cakes with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Below you'll find Texas T's booty.

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