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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Was it all Just a Dream?

When I was watching Mom get ready to go out last night, I don't think either of us knew what was truly in store. One vintage blouse and (very) fake fur jacket later, she and Shuga D started off with a margarita toast to birthday girlfriend Honey Shot, who just returned from Mexico.

Running a little late and darting through the rain, they then made their way to the Grand for the Macon Symphony Orchestra performance. In addition to the debut of the season signature and guest composition "Blue Shades," Mom said she sat in awe as Mayor Robert Reichert read "A Portrait of Lincoln" to the backdrop of the MSO's powerful accompaniment and historical, stirring slideshow. Mom was moved to tears, especially at the last frame that included Dr. King and President Obama in the portraits. "You rocked it," is what Mom managed to tell the Mayor as they later exited the Grand.

After an overture at the MSO afterparty at Wes & Betsy Griffith's - a.k.a Wetsy's - loft (note: the MSO is reaching out for the "young blood;" this ain't your granny's community asset anymore), they crossed Cotton and Second to catch the last bit of the concert at the Cox Capitol Theatre. Sponsored by MAGA and the Jazz Association of Middle GA (JAM), the evening featured an intimate concert with the George Petit Quarter and a special screening of MAGA "Best of Show" winning short flick, "The Drummer." The jazz flowed and the flickering candles kept the night cool, as Mom and Shuga D enjoyed their table with birthday girl Honey, who just couldn't get enough sax.

As the show wound down, Mom's crew geared up. It was time to cross blocks and make their way to Envy. Walking in the doors to Mag Tard full-throttle on stage, Honey Shot was given an immediate birthday shout-out, and Mom says it was like the night had started all over. The house was packed and as Mag Tard wound down, Bright Blue showed up with a big ass brownie, which Mom lit up with the sparkle candles she had stashed in her clutch.

But then the birthday celebration bowed down to the King -- Al K!ng. Mom is convinced that our burgeoning little music scene has some serious players. And Alexander "Al K!ng" Clay and Kevin 'Floco Torres" Williams are two of the most serious contenders. When hip hop makes that many black and white Maconites dance like there is no tomorrow, together, on one shared floor, those artists are doing something right. Mom's former co-worker Chris Horne told her to pay attention a while ago, and she did. Now she stands in front of their stage, wide-eyed and hopeful. Maybe history does repeat itself . . . Phil Walden Artist & Promotions didn't need fancy office supplies, receptionists or even a copy machine to get its start and change this town forever. All it took was a little Magic.

So, when Mom woke up this morning, she had a look of wonderlust. "Was it all a dream?" she asked. "Did I really hear the Symphony, real deal Jazz music and a killer hip hop show all in one night? All in one town? All in downtown?"

There's a stamp on her hand, two ticket stubs in her purse and Krystal boxes in Shuga D's truck. It most certainly wasn't a dream. In Candy's Land, it's only the beginning.

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  1. Hmmm... noticed that Magic is capitalized. Nice touch! (Can't say I've ever read a dog blog before, but I'm flattered, and I can't wait to share it with the guys!)