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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweet Thoughts for Candy

A quick update - Dr. Giles changed my bandages today and gave Mom and Shuga D another promising report. Even though I might not get to go home until Monday, my road to recovery remains on track! Shuga got to hold me for quite some time yesterday, while my IV was changed, and I managed to wag my tail . . . giving him a little sign that even though it looks rough, I'm the same Candy Lou underneath it all. Did I tell you I even have a black eye? Just like a Little Rascal.

Mom says the well wishes and sighs of relief haven't quit coming. Thank you to all for thinking of us. It has given us all the strenght to see this little, uh, "speed bump" through. I especially want to thank Aunties Bright Blue and Texas T for taking good care of Mom the day of the accident. Nothing like Mom's favorite movie "Grey Gardens" and the Macon meal of Nu-Way slaw dogs to clean up the mascara melt-down.

Speaking of my Aunties, I got my first Candygram today!

Hello sweet girl! You gave us a big scare. I'm so glad you are such a strong little lady. Get well fast and I'll be there to visit you soon so you can sit in my lap any time you need to (and I'll sneak you some treats when Mom and Shuga aren't looking!)
Bright Blue ;)

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