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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Divinity Inspiration

When Mom was asked to be a "celebrity chef," she turned as rouge as a raspberry. A celeb she thinks not, and a chef . . . most definitely not. But when she was told it was a couples thang, she knew she and Shuga D would find a fun time. The event was Peaches, Pecans and Pralines, a mouthful of an event to benefit a handful of local charities: The Tubman Museum, the Center for Racial Understanding, Volunteer Macon and the Mentors Project of Bibb County (where Mom sits on the board and is a proud mentor).

Mom admits she and Shuga D sorta cheated. Asked to prepare a Southern-themed appetizer or dessert, the creative couple opted for "Raspberry Divinity Dipped in Dark Chocolate and Topped with a Pecan." Ambitious, you think? But it helps when Shuga D manages a candy factory. Espcially one that specializes in Divinity - and coconut candies, peanut clusters, pecan logs and more, right here in Macon, Ga. (

The Divinity turned out divine. And with Shuga D working the assembly line, Mom could concentrate on her tablescape, which was Southern skirted, silver plattered and doileyed.

But the best part of the evening was that people came, stuffed their faces and raised money for four worthy causes. Times are tough, even for $20/ticket, so Mom says she was as proud as a peacock that local folks still recognize that our community is a shared community, whether you are a celeb chef or one of the teens the Mentors Project keeps in school.

Our house reeks of raspberries. The original plan was 250 pieces of Divinity. The result was 800. So, unless there is some divine intervention, we're going to be eating Raspberry Divinity Dipped in Dark Chocolate and Topped with a Pecan for a long time. I hear it goes well with red wine.

p.s. Thanks to Jeff Bruce, curator at the Tubman Museum, for trading a big ol' helping of his delicious baked spaghetti for a couple of pounds of our candy! Like mom told him, "This candy thing gets old. We've got to eat!"

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