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Friday, March 20, 2009

She's Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow morning Mom's leaving for NYC. Try as I might to sit on her carry-on and looked peeved, she's yet to pack me in it. I actually heard her say that she hates to be missing out on the fun events this weekend in Macon in lieu of Manhattan. But the Cherry Blossom Festival kicked off today, and I have to agree, she's missing a lot.

So it's Shuga D and me. Our day starts off tomorrow with the Bed Race, the afternoon with the Lawnmower Grand Prix and the evening with the Baggo (Cornhole) Tourney at the Hummingbird. All three events take place in glorious downtown. It's no Big Apple, but it sure as heck will be "the Pinkest Party on Earth." Mom says if she was in town, we definitely would not be missing the Pretty in Pink pet fashion show in Central City Park. I'm sure my competition just breathed a sigh of relief . . . Just wait until next year.

What Mom will be experiencing is a couple of days of cosmo comfort. And there will be a little bit of Macon up there with her. The Allman Brothers Band are continuing their historic sold-out run at the Beacon Theatre (last night Eric Clapton joined them), and in conjunction with the show, the long-anticipated release of the documentary "Please Call Home: the Big House Years" will make its NY debut. Joining Mom to witness the occasion will be a contingency of Macon folk. But what Mom is most looking forward to is big city adventure with her traveling partners Bright Blue and Cherry B.

Bright Blue (Stephanie Shadden) works with the Bright Blue Sky Productions team who produced the film. The fancy editing? That's her. Cherry B (Tosha Walden) happens to be married to one of the guys who gives colorful commentary in the film (hint: he's my Grandpa!). The documentary is part of the fundraising efforts for the Big House Foundation, who plans to open the Allman Brothers Museum before the end of this year.

When Mom gets back, you'll be seeing plenty of Pink in Candy's Land. But you'll also hear about the deals she sniffed out in NYC (a writer she may be, but a credit card-yielding Carrie Bradshaw, she's not). Until then, take part in the good times she's missing. Who knew Macon had a one-up on Manhattan?

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