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Monday, March 30, 2009

Things That Make You Go Grrr: Hall and Votes

While the family preps for my homecoming, here's the latest on another pressing issue that has rattled our windows lately. If the penny tax isn't passed and split between the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Macon more than likely will lose them. As of right now, the deciding vote depends on Senator Robert Brown.

As longtime supporters of Senator Brown, Mom’s family is doing what they can to let him know they support the split and need his vote to do the same. Please take the time to send him an email like Mom did (see below) and voice your support:

Dear Senator Brown:

As the daughter and niece of two Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductees, as well as former employee of the GMHF, I am writing to request that you do what it takes to keep our Halls of Fame in Macon. Right now, I believe it comes down to the penny tax, which should be split between the two halls and the two halls only because of the critical nature of where these institutions stand.

I know you are one of the reasons the Halls are with us today. I also greatly appreciate your support of preserving Macon’s rich music heritage. My father Alan Walden has more respect for you than any of our local and state politicians today. I am also a loyal supporter, as well as admire your service to our shared community.

I am hoping we can all put aside our personal issues with the GMHF and rally the good people of Macon into accepting the Halls as our shared community asset and responsibility. Having such a personal investment into the GMHF, I know more about its “backstage” history . . . in particular, the division of the Friends of Georgia Music, Bobbie Bailey, the desire to have them in Atlanta . . . It hasn’t been an easy journey. But I want the State, Atlanta and all who had their doubts to see Macon rally behind two of its crown jewels, proving that we do appreciate what we were so fortunate to receive over a decade ago.

I am also one of the few in Macon who see this beyond a partisan problem. I understand where Rep. Lucas was coming from, and I only dream of the day that the Douglass is a thriving part of our downtown mix, and I witness an acclaimed recording artist drawing thousands at a new amphitheatre. But right now, I want Macon to keep it simple. I want us to better nurture what we already have. The GMHF and the GSHF are anchors to a greater community. When you toss a penny into a wishing well, you make one wish, and often that wish is for greater things to come.

Thank you for all you do. All you have done. And all you continue to do. Keep up the fire on the Floor.


Jessica Walden

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