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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oscar-nominated actress Karen Black told Mom at the MAGA Film Festival, "I wish I had your eyelashes. I pay a lot for mine!" Mom's heart fluttered at the comment, especially when Miz Black saw her the next day and said, "There is the eyelash girl!"

Well, Mom doesn't pay a dime for her eyelashes, but today she shelled out $15 for mascara at the Vineville Salon. She was recently reading about the junk found in today's cosmetics and decided she doesn't want tar or mercury near her baby blues.

Her purchase was Aveda's Mosscara, one of the only lash-lengtheners on the market without tar in it. Instead, Aveda has found a way to make the stuff from Icelandic moss. Ironically, Mom dreams of the day when she gets to go to Iceland and ride ponies . . . but I digress. Mosscara contains other additional natural ingredients like a rose derivative, which gives it a take-a-deep breath earthy, non-toxic smell.

We love eco-friendly Aveda products around here. What do I love most about Aveda? They test their products on people. But if they ever come up with a pet hair product line, I'm your guinea pig.

Next time you see Mom, give her a wink ;-)

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