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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekend Forecast: Hot and September Hazy

The lion of a week is showing signs of going out like a lamb in Candy’s Land. Mom’s lunch and dinner obligations are no longer to talk business but catch up with friends. In fact, the weekend is kicking off early with Cocktail Hour tonight on Magnolia, hosted by Honey Shot.

Friday’s table has been reserved for two . . . just Mom and Shuga D, for a well-deserved date night. They will still cover their bases and make it over to CJ’s to show their support for Just Jill, who helped organize the Saving Second Base night of ta-ta loving for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and ZTA Foundation. You can feel it up at a $3 cover to hear live music by Molly Stevens and Josh Carson.

Saturday is about as girly as it can get. Mom is hoping for some lunch time and catching up in the world of teen envogue with her Mentors Project of Bibb County protégé. She also has an appointment at the Vineville Salon for another microderm assignment. Then she’s bringing home her shopping list to make dinner for the girls, who are coming over for some backyard wine time before nightlifing over to Rivalry’s on Northside for the September Hase show.

For those who don’t know, the Hase is the band being managed by Alan Walden (Mom’s pop), who came out of music management retirement after hearing these Tifton boys play. They are a double-rock-threat, being both cute and commercial (and the perfect size for locker posters, trapper keepers or whatever else the Jonas Brothers claim stake to these days), as well as ultra-behind-their-years talented (i.e. before the music died). This is an every man and woman’s band. The girls can squeal, and the guys can jam out to real rock with true Southern roots (and the street cred of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s former manager’s endorsement).

On Saturday, September Hase will be revealing their new guitarist . . . and I hear he’s a hottie who can play the hell out of a guitar. As fan first; music business daughter later, Mom and her fellow kitten-heeled cougars are ready for his stage debut (so much for going out like a lamb).

Sunday is the second one, so you can find me in Washington Park with Mom and her mimosa for Gospel Brunch featuring the Red Swill. Then she’s heading over to Harpin’s restaurant in Payne City to check out the creative eye of photographer (and Candy Land follower!) Michael Williams for the unveil of his summer show.

How’s that for a favorable forecast?

Pictured is September Hase’s better-be-barefoot bass player Adam. Photo by the fabulous Maryann “Maxi” Bates.

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  1. awesome writeup! definitely can't wait til the hase show - it's been far too long since they rocked out in macon.