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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Urgent: Candy Needs Your Help

As I've said here before, I was surrendered to the City of Macon Animal Shelter before I was adopted by Mom. This is a serious situation due to our tough economic times. If you are interested in being a temporary foster or adopting from the recent onslaught of unwanted pets, please send a Candygram to

Just think, you too could find you own Candy Lou. Why shop when you can adopt? And spay and neuter your pets, people, so situations like this can be prevented.
The City of Macon Animal Shelter is located at 1010 Eleventh Street, "behind" the hub of downtown Macon.
Here is the email Mom recently received today from Patti Jones with Central Georgia C.A.R.E.S.


Could you please help Central Georgia CARES and Animal Control with a serious situation? I know you’re busy with Bragg Jam but the Animal Control Shelter is in a crisis with more than 300 wonderful, happy animals being deposited there in the last 10 days. Space is limited so they will not be able to stay long.

Apparently due to loss of jobs and homes families are turning their pets in to Animal Control in record numbers. In fact, on one day recently there were so many families surrendering their family pets, people were lined up out the door. Of course, then the former family pet is left trembling in a kennel wondering what he did to be abandoned. It’s really heartbreaking and we are trying to get the word out to help.

Please communicate this to all your animal and media contacts to help us quickly spread the word about this situation so we can save as many of these terrific animals as possible.



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