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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: the Best Meal Deal of the Week

The week in Candy's Land has been more than hectic, and Mom has been lucky to do more than pour a glass of water in the kitchen. So, even though she has eaten her way around downtown (and back again) with this week alone spending lunch and dinner among Market City Cafe(twice), Lemongrass, Greek Deli, Tic Toc and now Luigi's for the second round, her bank account is beginning to lust for an eat-out expense account.

This evening, Mom and Shuga D had a Bragg Jam board meeting, and they left
City Hall reared up and ravenous for dinner. They found themselves at Luigi's bar, sipping on glasses of wine and waiting on their take-out order, which turns out, to be the best deal of the week. Every Wednesday is two-for-one pasta night, where you can pick two pastas and two side salads (proud supporters of Luigi's shaved parm Cesare salad in Candy's Land!) for the bargain total of $13.99.

Mom and Shuga opted for Pesto-stuffed Cheese Tortellini and Salmon Piccata Pasta with its creamy butter caper sauce.
They carried it home for an evening of de-briefing and an additional in-house red. All in favor of one darn good "Hump Day" dining deal? Say I.

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