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Monday, June 22, 2009

Congrats College Hill Corridor Commission!

Rarely a weekend goes by that Mom can't count on the College Hill Corridor Commission to host a cool event somewhere between the Mercer campus and downtown Macon that is worth attending by townies and college students alike. From the Second Sunday Gospel Brunch to Bike Week and beyond, the reason that many of us aren't complaining that there is nothing to do in this town is because of the foresight and creativity of the folks behind the CHCC.

Take this Sunday night, for example. Mom, Shuga D and me packed up the lawn chairs, citronella candles and a cooler and watched S
huga's favorite movie "Raising Arizona" in Tattnall Square Park. Brought to us by the CHCC, the inflatable screen provided an unforgettable evening on the green, under the summer night stars . . . the "Salad Days," indeed.

The next day, on Monday, Mom attended a morning press conference in Mercer Village where it was announced that the College Hill Corridor Commission has received a $5 million grant from the Knight Foundation to help support the community's transformation into a vibrant college town.

The picture's not perfect, but the night sure was. Thanks to the CHCC for daring to think big. This town will never be the same.

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