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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Skinny Bitch

Disclaimer: This is a female dog blog – I’ve earned the right to use the term loosely! So no offense to tenderized ears.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Mom was a lanky, young, wobbly thing who just wished she could put on a few pounds . . . namely in her bosom. But those days are behind her (literally). And Mom is grateful she was jested in junior high for being a Boney Maroney because it gave her room to grow.

Thanks to the skinny mamas and papas in her DNA, diets have never ruled her world. But even though she went toe-to-toe with Shuga D at Sticky Fingers this past weekend, she doesn’t always throw caution to the wind and loosen her belt. Her rule of fork is moderation. Breakfast this morning? Cappuccino and bacon at downtown’s Markey City CafĂ© (less than $6). Lunch this afternoon? Raw veggies and bleu cheese ($4 and enough left for the week). Dinner this evening? She’s not sure yet, but she’s thinking Arby’s new Fajita Chicken Flatbread Melt and a diet Blackberry tea (around $6) – fast food with quality appeal she can scarf on the way to Gray for an evening horseback ride (i.e. moderate exercise).

But that’s just for insiders of Candy’s Land to know. The next time someone asks how she stays thin, she’s referencing this t-shirt from

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