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Monday, June 8, 2009

Keeping it Soulful: A Classic Weekend Recap

So, First Friday it was in Macon this past end-of-week eve, and Mom had the beautiful dilemma of too much to do in downtown. Her decision? To keep it classic, which set the pace for the rest of the weekend. Nothing trendy. Nothing frilly. Kind of like an LBD (little black dress for you RBBs [Red Blooded Bachelors]), she wanted to enjoy the little things in life that have yet to go out of style. So here it goes:

First stop, the opening of Second Street Ceramics, the new "baby" of Betsy Griffith. And this is her thang, so no Wetsy reference (although Wes was there looking like the proud papa). What makes Second Street Ceramics so classic with its mod art and popping paintings? It's location - the old trick shop where classic fun was found for Mom as a young child. There is no telling how much cash her dad spent spoiling her rotten with fake vomit, mousetrap gum packs and stink perfume.

Next it was drinks, apps and salads in Downtown Grill's cigar-friendly bar. Mom had her martini(s) extra dirty . . . as did Honey Shot. Although Bright Blue went with something ginger, Shuga D couldn't get more classic with a cold bottle of Miller Lite. One of the original renaissance dining establishments in Macon's urbanscape, Downtown Grill has the old world appeal that makes it an anchor in local indie dining.

Finally, the group, now joined by Super Mom SGM, crossed the blocks to Grant's Lounge, where they were there before nine for a good time and no cover early bird discount. And so begins the true take-me-back and still-got-it going-ons of the night . . . Bo Ponder and Friends getting Grant's crowd grooving with classic soul and true R&B on its legendary live music stage. And just like classic Grant's, the audience was black and white, young and old, there for a good time and having one in a packed house and shared, elbow-to-elbow dance floor.

After that kind of Friday, Saturday was a late start in Candy's Land. Bright Blue scored killer Braves tickets from the Jay's Hope auction, so she invited Mom and Shuga D, along with Texas T, for an evening under the Atlanta stars at Turner Field. The Braves may have lost, but the dogs were hot, and Mom and Shuga D are ordering theirs Chicago-style from the Johnny Bravos' counter now on.

Sunday was a lazy day, as it should be. That's when I finally got to come in on the classic fun. Me and my three brother and sister mutts were loaded up for a ride to the country, where we took on the approximate two miles+ Long Leaf Pine Trail at Bond's Swamp. Good free, family fun, for sure. It's not clean by any means (and you can believe the tick repellant flowed freely), but it's a way we can all go back and touch a little bit of nature, the most classic amusement of it all.

I think I've found a formula for an overall, darn good weekend:

Keep it classic. Keep it real. Keep it soulful.

Above is me AFTER the hike, a little tongue-heavy and wishing my fur wasn't so fluffy, under the map kiosk found at the entrance and end of the trail.

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